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We are so pumped to introduce you to our newest member of Team Jumbled, The Hook Co. Woo hoo! These little hooks are the ultimate..........the perfect combination of cool, functional and simply beautiful. We couldn't wait to ask Kellie Nash, founder of The Hook Co. just what inspired this collection and of course, how she uses them in her own home.

How did Hook and Co start?
The hook co. was established out of a personal search for some cool hooks for my children's bedrooms. I wanted something that could double as art & function, something simple, stylish, & in the colours that I love.  Something to hang the abundance of hats & other paraphernalia that we as Parents collect for our little people!

The hook - practical? pretty? both?
Definitely pretty, definitely practical! My Husband is a Carpenter/Builder & perfectionist! He makes up the other half of The Hook Co. and he would not go through with this product if it wasn't practical (he is a Virgo!). I am more the arty, 'right side of the brain' kind of person that wants to play with colour, wants things to look the part & wants to make use of my creative energy!
Fave colour combo
Oh this is a really hard one because I love colour & play with various combos daily! It is completely dependant on where the hooks are being used!  Having never been a pink person, I am surprisingly obsessed with 'think pink' and get a good feeling from seeing it next to our 'olive green' and 'mellow yellow'. I like to group things in odd numbers, I find it much more pleasing to the eye. So, aside from these three together, you can't go past three natural circles, 2 little and 1 big. So practical, stylish and suitable for any interior!

Your perfect day
My perfect day would be one spent with my family.  Start with a walk to the beach, a coffee, sunshine, a fresh, tasty salad to balance out the hot chips shared on a picnic blanket under a shady tree, a play in the park, followed by an ice cream. Relaxing swim at home (in the pool that's coming soon!) watching our boys from a comfy spot on the deck with a really cold glass of Sauvignon blanc & an antipasto plate, NO CHORES ALL DAY! 

Mix or match
Definitely mix! I'm not a matchy, matchy person and my choices are all about whether or not I love something, not if it's going to match. If you love it, it will work! You will make it work! When it comes to our wall hooks, the beauty of these is that they can be a mix of colours & shapes or matched colours & shapes.
What is your style at home?
My style at home is eclectic, I love the old with the new, a blend of colour and neutrals.  I have a great love for rattan, natural materials & fabrics.  Our home is a modern weatherboard beach house with lots of traditional elements keeping it homely & cosy & very lived-in!
What makes the perfect room
Eye catching pieces, interesting finishes, things to look at, well thought out design, texture, warmth, character, personalisation! 
Where do you have your hooks hanging in your home?
I have them in the boys rooms, and aside from hanging hats, bags & a skateboard, I find them great for getting creatively decorative with all sorts of 'hangable' items! I also have them all over a wall in my laundry, which is bag & hat central!  There's a wall in my bedroom ear marked for the next batch! 
Check out the ways in which you could use wall hooks in your home. Try your living room, entrance way, bedroom or study nook. You can't really go wrong with something that is functional and beautiful.
Images courtesy of The Hook & Co.
Image credit:
Rafa Kids
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