Artist - Antoinette Murray

I recently met Antoinette down in Melbourne and was blown away by all of her gorgeous art....and not to mention how LOVELY she is! We are so excited to now have her as part of our little Jumbled family. We now have some of her prints and original art available in store and check them out. I think that you will love them as much as we do here at Jumbled.

Antoinette took some time out from her painting to answer some questions about what inspires her art, home and style. Grab a cuppa and enjoy reading

Describe your perfect day

My perfect day….is usually a lazy morning brunch on a Sunday, cooking pancakes with my 5 & 7 year olds…...once we finally get dressed, a family outing together.  Simple pleasures like a walk along the local beach with our dog, fossicking in rock pools & finding beautifully coloured shells.  Or a spontaneous trip into town - Melbourne always has things to see & immerse yourself within.  Maybe a late afternoon glass of wine with my husband before we head home…..I love a Sunday night movie to switch off my mind and relax with my husband….

What inspires your art?

I find the sea very inspiring with it’s changing moods and colours.  Working with my children’s drawings reminds me of how well they interpret and capture the core of a subject, teaching me to return to simple and beautiful lines.  Art history, all forms of architecture and the natural world around me... 


Fave colour combo?

At the moment I’m drawn to peach & grey….but I love cobalt blue & black too….too hard to choose!

What do you think makes the perfect room?

Great lighting….It sets the mood and can create different energy within a space, bringing artworks to vibrant life or making them a soft conversation in the corner. 


Describe your style at home?

My family home is a mix of old and new - I think I’m drawn to a modern Scandinavian style.  I particularly enjoy the relaxed space of my front lounge room, with the fire, sheepskin throw on the armchair and the patterned rug.  I have one of my first paintings here to remind myself of the early ideas that helped form my current artistic style.  My family living and kitchen walls have my new artworks…’s a good way to get both positive feedback & constructive criticism from my family & friends - they are my most honest critics!

Mix or Match?

I mix with a hint of match….or maybe I match with a mix……ha!  I love patterns that work together with a mix of colour… Ninho designer towel collection hopes to achieve this once it arrives this December :)


Shop Antoinette Murray art here.

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Welcome Ran Ran Design

We are so excited to welcome yet another fantastic artist to the JUMBLED family... Belen from Ran Ran Design. Belen creates stunning handmade rope wall hangings in her studio in Barcelona. Inspired by her mediterranean lifestyle, she combines natural yarns and dyes to create her woven artworks. We just can't get enough of her vibrant, unusual pieces, so we were super excited when she agreed to let us interview her! 

Describe your perfect day in Barcelona:
I normally start my day with a fresh glass of oat milk at my desk, and then I meditate for 20 minutes. I'll go to the gym, check my emails and then I'm ready to start work! If I'm working on a new collection I just play with colours and ropes to see how they fit. I don't make any sketches or anything, I just let my hands work. I let my inspiration flow naturally. I'll have lunch and then I like a good siesta. It's nice to feel the warmth of the sun while I sleep! I love having control over my time, I can decide when I have time for friends, work, the beach or walks.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I'm fortunate enough to travel often and this is my main inspiration. Every country has something beautiful to offer, and I love the colour and the experiences. Of course Pinterest and social media inspires us all!

Favourite colour combination:
I love when I dye and the rope takes on beautiful colours. Every colour is so powerful and unique. Today I mixed a batch of coral (using Moroccan dyes) and some light green. They both look amazing and I can't wait to use them. I don't really have favourites.

How would you describe your style at home:
It's quite eclectic, fresh and calm; most of the stuff was refurbished or made by me. I have a big anchor covered in lights, and a huge hammock in the living room, and it's decorated with things from my travels. It's a very special place, vibrant and peaceful at the same time!

What do you think creates the perfect living space:
Love! Love everywhere! I love when everything has meaning behind it, and a story to tell. When you buy things made with love, that love spreads and helps connect people. That's what makes a perfect living space.

We can't wait to stock Ran Ran Designs' handmade art pieces, and we're sure that you'll love them too! A huge thank you to Belen for this wonderful interview, we are just too excited to welcome you to the family!

Ran Ran Designs pieces will be available for pre-order shortly. If you would like to be the first to hear about it, subscribe to our newsletter.

Images courtesy of Ran Ran Designs. 
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