Trade Fair: It's a Wrap!

The annual Trade Fair in Melbourne is a wonderful boutique event showcasing emerging trends, brands and products that are on the cooler side of style and design! I literally walked for 5 days straight to hunt down the cream of the products and I am super pumped about what we have coming in store. Here is a little wrap up and review of what I saw (and my favourites).

Bringing the outdoors inside - succulent prints from Middle of Nowhere and new potted fake succulents that look so real it's crazy.

Lighting, cement and copper pendants from Indigo Love Collectors were the most exciting product at the fair for me. Also, bright wire lights from General Eclectic to mix and match with different coloured flex cords. There were some beautiful bedside lamps which will be on their way soon. Marquee lights for the wall and industrial lights. The anchor light sure got a lot of LOVE on our Instagram and will be in store soon!

Copper still seems to be the metal of choice - you will see it in lighting, coffee tables, artworks canisters. Watch this space.

Rugs - rag rugs in some new sizes, the durry rugs will be back and still the super fab price of $39.95. I found a new amazing rag rug in a geometric pattern, which should arrive soon.

Art, Ferwerda Art by Antoinette Murray. We managed to secure this artist and cannot wait for her pieces to arrive. Seriously talented.

Books, I'm most excited about The Whole Pantry by the inspiring Belle Gibson and Jason Grant's newest book. We also have books on gardening, craft, food and design.... all coming in soon. They really do make the most fab Christmas present! (aghhhh can't believe we are already talking about Christmas)!

Loads of great gift ideas for Christmas will be arriving daily from General Eclectic, Me and My Trend and our newest brand Habitat home that specializes in our fav thing....colour!

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Love Pip x





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Instagram - What is all the fuss?

Instagram is the new buzz word - and if you have been sitting on the fence, and not sure how to get involved, then we're here to help! It's really a fantastic new tool to capture your favourite moments on your phone, (without having to think up loads of clever text to go with it!) You can decide to share your pictures with everyone in the whole wide world, or just family, or just for your own memories.

The thing we like about Instagram is that it's really easy to use and if you live away from family and friends, it just the perfect way to share special times.

Here we take a quick look at the way to set yourself up to enjoy the delights of Instagram - so you too can 'talk the talk!'

Step 1: Locate your mobile phone from the depths of your handbag. Throw out a few old dockets while you're at it.

Step 2: Click on the 'app store' icon on your screen - it's purple. Type into the search bar 'Instagram' and it will come up, with an picture of a camera - this is what you're looking for - and just press the 'free' button (we love it when apps are free!) Then click the 'install app' button.

Step 3: This is the tricky bit - you will need to know your password to your account. Safe yes, annoying yes.

Step 4: Now the Instagram app will appear somewhere on your screen. You will need a user name and password.

Step 4: The best tip - for quality - is to take photos using your actual phone camera (there is an option to take photos using the instagram camera, but we don't think the quality is as sharp.) So start snapping.

Step 5: Arrange all the tins, flowers, books, candles etc that you can put your hands on and take a photo with your camera.

Step 6: Take another 20 or so shots of the same thing (trust us, that's what you will end up doing!)

Step 7: These images will all be saved to your camera roll so now open up Instagram, click on the camera icon that's right down the bottom in the middle, and choose one of your images that are to the bottom left of the screen.

Step 8: Now it's time to get a little bit fancy (but we think keeping it simple is stylish) You can add filters - which change the colour of your image, the tone, the mood - actually it can make things appear totally different to the original picture. Kind of cool, but can be a bit overwhelming.

Step 9: When you are happy with your image (which may take hours to begin with) you can add a caption - which is to the right of your image. Keep it short and sweet because Instagram is all about the image, rather than the text.

Step 10: Hashtag it! Now hashtags are a whole new concept - we might save that for another day - but basically they are used to categorise images. So for example if you take lots of pictures of shoes, apart from other fashion items, then you might like to create hashtags to help identify your images, #cutepumps or #killerheels. The hashtag thing can also be quite hilarious with ones such as #ithinkimighpassoutifidontsitdownsoon.

Step 10: (Yes, there are 2 'step 10's' but we like even numbers) hit SHARE!

And like any great thing, this takes time to develop. So have fun with it. But Instagram should come with a clear warning - IT IS COMPLETELY ADDICTIVE. And we have it on good authority that women have resorted to checking their phones in the bathroom, so they don't get caught by their husband.

And be sure to follow us! Just click on the little star at the bottom left of the screen and type in jumbledonline and you're all set!


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