Colour Series - Coral

Next up in our colour series is coral. We love the soft tones of peach, apricot and pastel pinks. You can use this colour on walls, floors, the outside of a building or in the smaller details of your house. Enjoy.



Images from: Classy and Style, Geoghanart Photography, Decor8, Better Homes and Gardens, Jumbled Malmo Stools, This is Paper, Thorouhly Modern Medusa, Coco Kelley,

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Get back to 'Work Spaces'

At some time in your life I'm sure you have had this very romantic idea of working from home. We've all said "I'll be SO productive" whilst imaging yourself typing furiously in your fluffy slippers, rising only to brew a quick herbal tea before retuning to make phone calls and file things away in the cabinet next to your scented candle. We have complied a little 'how to' for creating the very space to make the dream a reality.

Firstly to the desk. Function here is important, although we would suggest sticking to neutral organic colours such as wood, white or dark grey / black to allow for colour in other places.

Wooden tables are sturdy and work well with light floors and walls.

White tables are crisp and clean and work better with darker floors or walls and make the space appear bigger.

Collaging artwork above your desk is the perfect way to ensure you are always inspired. If your eye happens to wander away from your task, at least it will have something beautiful to gaze upon! We suggest using colourful wasabi tape to attach magazine clippings.

Add a pop of block colour with a chair, notice board, or lots of functional accessories.

And lastly, if you really want to add some magic to a shared workspace, you can't go past a colourful throw acting as a curtain or some fun feature fairy lights!

Images from: design sponge, oh happy day, petitvanou, uncovet, decor8 and the glitter guide

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An interview with Pip - Paris Style

Many of you may know Pip recently travelled to Paris in search of some inspiration and for a well deserved rest! We all agree she works super hard to find products from all over the globe and it is one of the reasons Jumbled looks so happy and fun. We were all dying to hear about her trip and so we sat down and had a chat about the things she saw and loved, food she indulged in and European trends she would like to see more of in Australia.

Tell us a little bit about your itinerary - what would your day in Paris look like?

My husband and I flew to Paris for a 10 day escape. Orange was having a really cold snap and Paris was warm, summery and the perfect place to re-energise and seek out new trends. We would sleep in every day as nothing opens until around 11am. We'd grab a cafe au lait and croissant before beginning our marathon along the french streets. I don't mind lines, so if I saw a line outside a shop or into a boulangerie I would join it just to see what was inside. Around lunch, whichever district we were in I'd ask the locals where the best baguette was located and I'd make a bee-line for that place! We checked out local shops, window displays, gardens and did a lot of people watching! Of an evening i'd drag my poor husband (which he always ended up loving!) to different bars I'd read about in a book or mag for cocktails and champers and we'd settle into the Parisian scenery.

Do you have a favourite store in Paris you go to when you're in need of a blast of inspiration?

YES! The shop is called Merci and it is all kinds of fabulousness. Merci is an amazing concept store with three levels of loveliness. It has concept art, kitchen goodies, furniture, lighting, a bookshop cafe and really cool clothes. It is elegant, creative, fun and colourful. All things we aspire to be in Jumbled. I went there every day for one reason or another!

Did you find any secret places you can share with us?

They have just opened a pizza joint near Merci called Grazie and it is AMAZING - I had the best gin and tonic of my life which had a sprig of rosemary, some fresh basil leaves and Mediterranean sea spray... It was the bomb. Totally life changing.

What was your impression of the interior styling in Paris? Were there any particular items you fell in love with?

I think it is such a global market out there, so African inspired chandeliers, Indian textiles and interesting pops of colour were big in Paris. It was great to see we are definitely on par with what is going on. There is a big focus on feature lighting and big chandeliers, interesting bulbs and colourful pendants were everywhere. It is amazing how a good light can transform a space! In Merci they had the most amazing beaded chandelier, but very similar to our chandelier available in store and online. Restaurants were styled with rustic tables, colourful restored chairs and lots of mix and match dinnerware. Everywhere felt homely and welcoming and interesting. I did see some fabulous brightly coloured bed linen. Bright blue fitted sheets with orange flat sheets and pink pillowcases! So fun.

The other big trend was realistic wallpaper! I saw wallpaper that seriously looked like pressed metal, weathered bricks and filed wood. It was really cool - I could hardly tell it was wallpaper! They had the pressed metal wallpaper on the roof of Grazie restaurant and it was so realistic.

Many of us know you are one seriosuly stylish lady with your fashion store Iglou stocking some really cool international brands, what is your opinion of Paris street stlye?

Everyone looks so stylish. I would sit on the metro and stare at people and really disect their outfit. Imagine very simple - skinny jeans, ballet flats, printed tee's and a leather jacket. Minimal makeup, natural hair colour and simple accessories. There were little pops of neon in sneakers, a scarf, or beaded bracelets. It all looks so effortless...

We are often found drooling over the amazing cookbooks in store - were there any stand out meals during your trip?

Anything from the local boulangerie! Pain aux raisons, pain au chocolat, croissant au beurre, little mini raspberry tarts, brioche, baguette with local jam and lots of cheese. Oh, I did have an amazing falafal in the Marais Latin Quarter!

O.K... lastly Pip, what was the most wonderful thing you bought whilst on your sojourn in Paris?

My new yellow pony skin sneakers from Merci. Ridiculously comfortable! They don't go with anything but I love them.


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