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The best part of travelling is storing all those memories so that you can relive your trip over and over again. Passionate travellers Axel & Ash thought the same, but they took that thought one step further and created the coolest journal that not only documents your travels, but becomes the most beautiful keepsake.

We couldn't wait to hear more about how Wanderlust was born! Our chat with Axel & Ash was so fascinating that we wanted to share it with you!

What inspired you to create WANDERLUST:

AXEL: I've traveled and worked around the world since my early 20's and I was always looking for a journal that would help me to capture all the fun memories and wild adventures in a easy, simple, beautiful way. I wanted something different, fun and inspiring. Something that made me think outside of the box and inspired me to write down the random things that happened to me to save until I am old and grey! One day me and Ash were sharing our bucketlists over a coconut drink on her balcony in Bondi to celebrate the last days of summer. We realized we both wanted to start a business with a friend and decided to go for it - now we just had to come up with something good.  I remembered the ide a I had for a couple of years of creating a book for all the Wanderlusters out there,  and as the passionate jetsetter and beautiful writer Ash is - I knew she'd love it! We pinky promised right there to show that we were both all in, and that this was not just a late night chat that would be gone in the morning. From that day we’ve been super committed. 

Describe your perfect day:

AXELA perfect day for me is a day when I wake up with no plans. I go for a breakfast at a favv cafe just to suddenly find myself surrounded by friends off to the beach, swimming, laughing, loving ending up in someones garden having dinner, singing along to someones guitar until the early hours when I can't keep my eyes open anymore. That's perfection.

ASHWhen I wake up with a smile and go to bed with a smile. Because no matter what I did that day, my soul was filled in some way and I am still smiling at the end of it. That to me is a perfect day.

Where is your dream holiday destination:

AXEL: So many! I want to go everywhere. I love road trips for that reason - they take you anywhere your heart goes. Right now I am fascinated by The Caribbean... Jamaica, Aruba, Bahamas, Cuba. I find the incredible beauty and simplicity of this paradise archipelago, mixed with the lively, free-spirited, soulful people so charming. I want to go there for a few months and enjoy the laid-back vibe. I like to go places and live there for a while, to really immerse myself in the culture, get to know the locals and feel part of it the place rather than being a tourist.
I also just booked a ski-trip to Madonna di Campiglio in the Italian alps for a winter holiday with a bunch of friends. As I kid I skied in France and Austria every year, and I love Italy but I never went there for the snow season so that is a little dream coming through.

ASH: Sooo many!! Right now I really want to lay on the beach in St Tropez (South of France), Also, I would love to visit Cuba, Jamaica & Galapagos islands. Oh and there is also Richard Branson's Necker Island. 

Best travel advice to jet setters and travel novices alike?

ASH: Be curious, don't be scared and explore as much as you can that is off the beaten track because that's where you will find the hidden gems and what the place is truly all about. And be open, even though you are in a foreign country, you can meet the most incredible people by talking to different people, even if it's the local fruit stall owner, everyone has a story to tell! 
Also, drink lots of water on the plane or whilst your travelling place to place. Keeping hydrated is the key and will keep you energised if you are always on the go!

Where is the cool new place to travel?

AXEL: After the World cup and with the olympics coming up Brazil must be the hottest destination at the moment. Boosting everything from a colourful party culture with samba, soccer and carnivals to glorious beaches and the adventurous amazon rainforest with tribes living life totally separated from the modern society it has everything to offer. 
Another spot I am hot on is Cape Town. I am mesmerized by the amazing landscape and cant wait to visit Woodstock which is a run-down suburb in Cape town. I am not only in love with the name of the place but it also boasts the award winning 'Neighbourgoods Market' - an artesian market full of beautiful local produce and the coolest tea caravan in the world - Lady Bonin's Tea parlour! 
I have a love for these odd places and constantly find new cool, random hidden places like this that I want to visit. Check out our instagram where we share our secrets!

ASH: I think Berlin is a really cool place to visit in Europe, aswell as Texas in the States. Also, Jamaica I think is pretty amazing. And of course anywhere in Australia! Bondi & Byron is our two favourites in Australia.

Now that we've ignited your travel bug, pick up your own copy of Wanderlust and be prepared for a book full of wonderful memories! 


x Jumbled

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