Book Review - A Bite of the Big Apple

A Bite of the Big Apple is Monica Trapaga's food adventure in New York. She describes it all so eleganty: "It's Ella and Louis. It's Seinfeld and Woody Allen. It's the bright lights of Broadway, it's the hot dogs at 2a.m. It's a cultural cacophony quite unlike anywhere else in the world."

I have very stong memories of visiting our American relatives at a young age and having the mom bake chocolate brownies for us kids. It was such a treat. The fudge like consitency of the choloate and the intense flavour branded itself in my memory as one of the best things I have ever eaten.

As I am now a mother of 2 small humans, they are (like me) often in search of the next chocolate treat. We love to cook in our house and when I saw this American cookbook, I couldn't help but look for a traditional American brownie recipe. To my delight Monica has tried many brownie recipe's in her time and shortlisted only the best. This one is right up there and in her own words "heavenly".

I chose to try her suggestion and bake them in little cupcake cases to make for easy indivisual desserts and they worked out perfectly. Just be careful not to overcook them as they contain a lot of sugar and therefore can burn easily. The almond meal gives them a grainy consistency and also helps them sink in the middle - perfect for adding a little dollop of icecream or cream!



Sally x

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