The Scent of Morocco!

I want to take you away to a magical land! Short of being able to sneak you into my luggage, I've found a way to bottle up my favourite place so that you can be transported to the incredibly beautiful Morocco! 

The magic of Morocco is in the earthy pink rendered walls. The sunset in the desert, the rose garden of Beldi Country Club and the smell of Orange Blossom that seems to be everywhere (in the air, the walls and around every corner). It's the deliciousness of preserved lemons on a tagine, the smell of delicate spice in the air and the sound of the Call To Prayer blasting across the rooftops. 

But how? How do I bottle it? That's where Amanda comes in! Amanda Stevens from Rewild Co. is the super clever perfumist who has made all my scent dreams come true! Together we have created two incredible signature scents that take me straight back to the streets of Morocco!

How did your love of fragrance start? 

Looking back I think it was always there. I remember specific moments growing up where I would smell something and it's like nothing else existed at that very moment. It just captures you entirely. 

I remember walking across the yard at high school and the grass had just been freshly cut. That dry, grassy, green aroma, combined with the warmth of the day and the fresh southern breeze, is a memory I've never forgotten. 

There were many moments like these. So I think my love of fragrance started when I realised that scent allowed me to access a time and place that no longer existed. 

When I hit my early 20s, I met a group of Perfumer's who inspired me with their passion and charisma. From then I have collected tinctures, squirrelling them away, and continued to learn both formally and informally about this beautiful lost trade, Perfumery. 

Where do you draw inspiration? 

Living in the mountains, I am surrounded by wilderness and this realness inspires me to be true to myself, to live an honest authentic life. The Australian bush is perfectly imperfect and it allows a deeper acceptance of personal and artistic imperfection also. The impermanence is deeply moving.

But my inspiration to create comes from beautiful moments that are borrowed. I love art, poetry, music - this all inspires me. Other's art. It feeds my addiction to create and to this trade. 

What does a standard day look like for you?

I am a one-woman show so like many others, my standard day covers a lot of ground. 

My morning coffee is a ritual I enjoy. Savouring that quiet morning moment before the rest of the house wakes; sharing it with only birdsong, the forest and the sunrise. I see the world clearly in the mornings, so I like to plan out Scent Designs, engage with other humans, create, and take photos. I only get a 2 hour window of opportunity to take a good shot due to the reduce sunlight of where I live in the valley. 

And my general rule is "mathematical calculations are done in the mornings..."

I break up the day by getting outside and going for a walk to the billabong. It clears my head (and my nose). 

Afternoons are filled with admin, packing orders, ordering, and tidying. Usually I conveniently run out of time for the last one. 

There is sometimes a trip to my florist (which is a 120-140km round trip) and a mad-dash with a car full of parcels to our rural post office before they shut at 4pm. 

When are you at your happiest?

When I am creating deeply with no distractions, hiding away in my happy perfume bubble. Think mad scientist! I'm really peaceful in that spot.

But also when I am surrounded by the people that know me best, the ones that understand me. The ones that make me feel worthy and loved. Because after all, isn't this what life is all about. Love? 

The Jumbled Quickie

What do you do with your spare time?

Fill it! Spare time is so indulgent. So I try and honour it accordingly. Painting is a great love along with photography. 

Guilty pleasure:

Buying dresses!

And sourcing vintage wares - anything that's weird and wonderful. Especially vintage perfumery items. My latest purchase was a 3 x 3m Danish flag that used to hang at the Danish embassy. I did a DNA test which showed that I am 30% Danish, so I'll be hanging that family secret on the wall. 

Dream Collaboration: 

Kara Rosenlund. I am addicted to the way she sees the world.

And Jessica Mauboy. She is truly beautiful and grounded. 

Courtney Adamo. I love her home aesthetic and designing something for this (and her) would be an absolute pleasure. 

Hidden Talent: 

My husband said "shopping on the internet". I said that's not hidden, that's just a talent. 

I do have a knack at being able to identify birds really quickly and from a distance. I carry my bird book and binos with me everywhere. It's always in the backpack. 

One thing from your bucket list: 

To find my biological grandmother. My dad was adopted and I only just found his sisters through a DNA test before he passed away. I know she is out there somewhere. 

Favourite Spotify Playlist: 

I have designed a Rewild Co playlist perfect for creating to. It's melodic, soft and beautiful and was made with the help of my Rewild community. 

Go-to meal to cook when you have friends over?

It's a running joke that I overfeed everyone. If I'm asked to bring a plate, I'll bring 5. I just love people eating good, tasty, nutritious food. Salads are a favourite; always from Alimentary or Whole by Natural Harry. 

Craziest thing you've ever done? 

Fighting a bushfire and saving our property. I was well prepared but definitely would be the craziest thing I have ever done. Along with one of the most amazing thing I have ever seen. 

Last book you read:

Lost Connections by Johann Hari. It dives into the importance of connection to our community, our true values and our environment, with beautiful Case Studies from all over the world. Meticulously written and researched - and I read with great interest what we all know to be true. 

Current Netflix addiction: 

I'm not sure if it's on Netflix but the series Riviera with Julia Stiles or McMafia. 

Favourite recent movies, The Good Liar and The Little Prince. 


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