Say hello to Kate!

Eeeep - we get so super excited when we find a new artist, and when we spotted Kate's work it was love at first sight!!! We are beyond excited to introduce you to Kate Mayes! We're totally loving her jungle vibes and fresh greens, and her enthusiasm and lust for life is totally contagious! 
We asked her to put down her brushes (only for a few minutes!) for a speed round of quick questions....
Mix or Match?
Mix all the way.  
Fave colour combo? 
Probably blue and green and dusty pink and emerald green and a peach and violet combo is superb too, there are far too many to choose just one. 
Where do you find your inspiration?
EVERYWHERE! I am so annoying, I’m always saying to my family oh look at those clouds, look at this leaf, look at the way the ocean is sparkling, I’m just going to pull over and pick some wildflowers/weeds!
Dream holiday destination? 
Describe your style at home?
Modern Scandinavian. Minimalist. Clean lines.
Our home is a U shape and I love that I can see through to each of the rooms from wherever I am in the house. 
Dream collaborators?
Ok, Gorman or Kip and Co. I know, I know I’m not quite up there with Rachel Castle and Animalia (and so many others) but a girl has to dream big. 
Describe your perfect day?
10am wake up then automatically be ready for the day, coffee and a beach walk with my family, paint until late afternoon then a swim and dinner in the backyard. Then paint some more. 
What is on your dream home wishlist?
My family, somewhere to paint, piles and piles of incredible linen and a pool 
We are so super lucky to have scored ourselves a handful of Kate Mayes' original artworks! They are seriously selling in transit, this is crazy insane, so be super quick to secure your favourite today! You can SHOP KATE MAYES on our website HERE.
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