Our 2022 Diary is here!

 Creating a diary (actually 3 diaries and 3 pens because we tend to get a little carried away) has been at the very very very top of our wish list for years and we are so grateful that Emma Kate Co has helped us make OUR DREAM COME TRUE!!! We have poured over single detail so that this is the most wonderful diary you will ever use. The ribbon… the coloured edging… the layout… the patterns… the foiling… the inspirational quotes on every page (from 52 of our favourite women) and it's worked out even more beautifully than we ever could have imagined!!! So it's with the greatest pleasure that we welcome you to our collection - OUT OF OFFICE. If 2021 has shown us anything, it's that you can work from anywhere and create the life that you want for you and your loved ones. 


MAJORELLE is exploration! With a distinctly mediterranean feel, Majorelle takes you on vacation - 365 days of the year. Relaxing deep blues meets punchy peaches… can you feel it? You're already pouring a cocktail!

DOLCE is passion! If pinks and reds set your heart on fire, Dolce is for you. Vibrant tones and geometric prints elevate this classic pairing. Reminiscent of eternal summer evenings, she’s vivacious and warm!

VERDE is the ultra cool girl! Her unusual colour combinations are zesty and unexpected. Verde’s quirks inspire a fresh perspective.The unconventional pairings are both invigorating and soothing all at once, like a mixed bouquet of sweet spring blooms.

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