Nine questions with Noni!

We have a new artist in the JUMBLED family, and we think she's the bee's knees! Noni Drew has just exploded in store, with her incredible colours and thoughtful composition. Grab yourself a cuppa, curl up and get to know NONI DREW!
Mix or match?
Are we talking about underwear here?  If so- mix.  I’m way too old and lazy to match! If we weren’t talking about undies then I’m still definitely more mixy than matchy matchy.
Fave colour combo?
Pink and green every time.
What is your favourite podcast?
Honour Eastly’s @starvingartistpod, the ABC’s Conversation Hour podcast and My Dad Wrote a Porno for a naughty chuckle.
Where do you find your inspiration?
Everywhere!  I find inspiration in the colours and forms found in nature, architecture, urban and industrial landscapes. And I do waste a lot of time looking for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest.
Dream holiday destination?
After living overseas and travelling for most of my 20s, I am now a certifiable homebody.  If I must leave the cosiness of my lovely house then Morocco is always my dream destination. I’ve spent a lot of time there and it has a little piece of my heart. I adore the colour, the vibrancy the chaos and the warm hospitality. And I love a good haggle for treasures in the souks.
Describe your style at home?
Skandi-Moroccan-Eclectic-Jungle-Mess with a liberal coating of Golden Retriever hair, books and kid detritus. It’s not so much a style, more of a lightly curated mish-mash of pretty stuff and a hell of a lot of books.  We are book hoarders and poor housekeepers.
Dream Collaborators?
Gorman and Jumbled of course!
Describe your perfect day
My perfect day starts with a sleep in and no school lunches to make. A family walk on the beach (with no fighting or whingeing “how much further?") with Ned our dog, stopping on the way home for a delicious brunch at our favourite cafe. A spot of painting in the afternoon would be nice followed by a barbie with our neighbours and my brother and sister in law. Nothing makes my heart fuller than having fun and food at home with my friends and family. The ladies chat and drink wine around the kitchen island bench, the kids go crazy in the garden and the men poke at the sausages on the BBQ. Then the children would go off to bed without needing 25 glasses of water, five stories and a half and hour lay down and they’d sleep ALL NIGHT IN THEIR OWN BEDS! Ahhhh, what a dream!
What is on your dream home wishlist?
I am living my dream.  I wish for nothing… except a pair of those new velvet flower print Rachel Castle pillow cases. (Hint to husband… Birthday not far off!)
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