Meet the muralist!

Our AMAZING mural is finished and I cannot thank Nastia Gladushchenko enough!!! This week has fulfilled a dream I've had from the moment I bought the building… and it's everything I imagined and MORE!!!!

Nastia has also made us a free downloadable colouring page of her incredible design, The Sonic Bloom! Featuring local flowers, we cannot WAIT to see what magical colour combinations you create!

How did your love of art start? 

My mum was always dreaming up little art projects for us to do together so that probably sparked my creativity. I remember drawing everything around me (including lots of flowers!) from a very young age and my parents ended up sending me to an art school at the age of six which I adored.

Where do you draw inspiration? 
Flowers, plants, foreign cities, people watching, films and books 

What does a standard day look like for you?
In the mornings I attempt to do yoga even though my kitten loves to participate by jumping all over me. I alternate painting days and computer work days so half my week is spent in the studio working on smaller scale commissioned works on canvas and the other half is at my computer, working on submissions for grants, admin and digital design work. At sunset on most days, my partner and I go on little bushwalks nearby to catch some golden light and to explore a bit of the beautiful Blue Mountains around us. I'm a night owl so I often paint after dinner and work well into the night.

When are you at your happiest?
When I'm on an adventure somewhere in nature

The first thing you do when you have spare time: Play with my kitten
Guilty pleasure: Baked goods
Dream Collaboration: Aesop 
Hidden Talent: Growing veggies 
One thing from your bucket list: Road trip through the desert in the US a la Thelma and Louise but with a less sad ending
Favourite Spotify Playlist: The playlist my partner and I put together of all our favourite music for a houseparty to celebrate our elopement last year. It's huge so it never gets boring!
Go-to meal to cook when you have friends over?: A veggie tart, a big salad and lots of wine
Craziest thing you've ever done? I jumped the highest bungy in New Zealand (134m)
Last book you read: Lives of the Artists, lives of the Architects by Hans Ulrich Obrist
Current Netflix addiction: We switched to Stan temporarily to watch The Great!
Song that gets you on the dancefloor: Let's Dance by David Bowie
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