5 mins with Lumiere!

I am SO super excited that we're hosting an exhibition with Lumiere Art & Co at the end of the month!! We've been in love with Emma for a while now - she is one seriously clever cool girl! From painting, screen printing, ice dying and jewellery - this lady does it ALL!!! Nothing is ever too much trouble and she's always open to new colour ideas - I just LOVE it! We wanted you to get to know Emma a little more before her amazing artworks start flooding in! 
Mix or match?
Is there anyone in the world who would say match?! Mix mix mix. Life’s too short to match. ‘Match’ makes me think of waiting. 
Fave colour combo?
We have a few Lumiere favourites in which we repeat throughout our collections. Peach and denim blue. Green and pink. Plum and light magenta. Duck egg blue and yellow. Aqua and hot pink. We are colour match makers. 
Where do you find your inspiration?
I’ll mention an inspiration that doesn’t include travel, Pinterest and ‘the things around me’ which can sometimes be the most likely answers. The concept of ‘Collage’ or ‘Assemblage' is one of my biggest inspirations. Placing the incidental together which creates something new. I like to makes things that have a ‘David Bowie’ touch. A doily in a frame looks naff- its hasn’t changed enough or have been pushed into a different context. Its the pizzazz of something new and changing the way we look at the usual which makes what we do appealing. A slash of hot pink, a weird coloured frame, a scattering of geometric shapes over an organic shape. David Bowie made obscure pop songs within the framework of art. He used pop as a disguise. Love this approach and have used it would for Lumiere since the beginning. 
Dream holiday destination?
Looking at Jumbled's Instagram gives me strong Sicily vibes. Greece is also up there. I went to LA last year for work and absolutely loved it, I would love to bring the fam bam next time and road trip to the desert. 
Describe your style at home?
Minimal, 80’s classic colour palette, red brick, Domino painted woodwork, a mix of textures, lots of Industria X furniture, weaves, prints, plants, rugs, art by friends, a giant Miranda Skoczek painting and lots of windows. All with a sprinkling of rogue Lego blocks, hand drawn jellyfish and plastic tool sets. 
Dream collaborators?
Gorman. I’m dreaming big baby! 
Describe your perfect day?
Sunrise Yoga, coffee, an awesome ‘sampling' meeting with my Lumiere team, a little painting, an Aperol Spritz, a long lunch at the winery, some time with a Stand Up Paddle Board on the beach, hot summer night swims, a live band, dancing, giggles and gossip completed with a cosy bed made up of fresh linen sheets. I don’t ask for much hey?!
What is on your dream home wishlist?
So many lists. We have plans ready to ‘install/ plant/ landscape’ a new garden and I’m itching to start. Itching. Our friend Heath from Plume Studio designed it for us and its so special, it will need to be in a photoshoot in the future. That would number 1. I would also like a piano. Anything by Douglas and Bec and that is all. 
We are more excited than EVER now!! This exhibition is going to be amazing, and Emma is working so super hard to have lots of pieces ready to go!
We would love for you to join us on opening night, but the exhibition will also be accessible online! We're offering a presale evening the night before opening, for all you Lumiere lovers! 
We hope to see you there!!
All images used with permission, from Lumiere Art & Co
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