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Guess who popped into the store this week!? It was Kezz Brett and she brought presents – some amazing new artworks!!! If you’re anything like us, seeing a Kezz Brett artwork sparks a hell of a lot of joy with her pops of bold colour and detailed imagery. Before she ran back out the door we thought it’d be nice to chat with her about where she draws inspiration, and why naming her pieces is as important as the design itself.

Kezz – these new artworks are amazing, what do we have here!? “I try to change the style up a bit with some landscapes, a bit of floral, a bit of graphic and a bit of minimalism but they all carry my signature style and colour”
How would you describe your personal aesthetic? “It’s very colourful and bold – just like my clothing, and my home. I think people should buy art because they like it, not necessarily because it needs to match or make sense. I can make anything work – it’s just a matter of a small vase or cushion to pull things together.”
How long does it take you to complete an artwork? “It varies, but most times I pick up a brush and let it all flow out. Sometimes the faster and more furious I go, the more energy the painting has.  I try not to overthink it. After it’s complete, I always hang it up in my home for a day or two. Sometimes I need to rework things, other times it arrives at Jumbled still wet!”
Is naming your artworks as hard as naming a child? “(Kezz laughs) The name of the artwork is nearly as important as the piece itself. I try to name them something significant that holds meaning for me, and hopefully for the buyer. Sometimes I workshop names with Pip and Phil – it’s important, but not as hard as naming a child!”
Tell us how much you love the Jumbled community? “Oh my god they’re so supportive and amazing!! Pip is very good with her judgment, she knows her customers and what they will like. She also takes care of the marketing, photography and sending it off, so all I have to do is paint it – I’m very lucky!”

Kezz Brett

Kezz Brett Jumbled

Kezz Brett Jumbled


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