Introducing: Shitting in Pots

We are super excited to announce local indoor plant fanatics 'Shitting in Pots' will be hosting a pop up shop right here at Jumbled with a ridiculously amazing range of indoor plants, succulents and cacti on Saturday 4th May.

We first met Taylor and Justin after their frequent visits to Jumbled to buy pots. Not just a couple here and there, we're talking so many pots, that we started calling them 'The Crazy Pot People!'. This super-cool duo are obsessed with plants and have turned their passion into a side hustle, so it made sense to invite them to pop up at Jumbled so you guys could get in on the fun.

We caught up with Taylor and Justin recently to find out more about their intriguing business name, how severe their plant addiction really is and what varieties we need in our lives right now!

Shitting in Pots, did we read that right? "Ha! Yes well we're paying homage to our two cats that love to dig the dirt out of our pot plants and shit in them. We feel we may need to change it for more professional purposes at some stage but hey, go ahead and introduce us as that."

On the scale of 1 - 10 how severe is your plant addiction? "I'd say a 10! There's not a week that goes by where we don't buy a new plant or something plant related. Either we get them through the post or we day trip it to different towns just to get plants. I'd say we have about 250 plants throughout the house, and that's not including outside where we keep most of the cactus."

When did you decide to turn your passion into a side hustle? "Mainly to feed our addiction! There are no great indoor plant shops around here which means traveling to other towns or hopefully scoring a good plant at Bunnings - but rarely does that happen. It's been on our minds to do something plant-related for about a year but we didn't know where to start. My sister is the one that really pushed us and made it happen."

So where can we get our hands on some of your plant goodness? "At the moment we are focusing on markets and via our eBay store. We're also hosting an amazing pop up shop at Jumbled where we'll be selling a huge range of awesome plants on 4th May. We love the shop and the space and will be bringing all sorts of goodies from the basic devils ivy and monstera that everyone loves, to the rarer and more hard to find plants."

What are your top five plant varieties? "I love Philodendrons - all of them!!! Sansevieria masoniana, rhaphidophora tetrasperma, the ceropegia family and just cactus in general! Justin's favourites include the monkey tail cactus, peyote, agave parryi, euphorbias and monstera adansonii!"

We love a hanging plant here at Jumbled - what is you favourite hanging variety? "Oh, it's SO hard to choose a favourite but the rats tail cactus and the rhipsalis family are amazing!"

You're also quite partial to a pot, as we've discovered! "I love white pots. The Oslo planters from Jumbled are a favourite, we've bought so many, we've well and truly earned our nickname! Cactus look great in terracotta pots which are awesome as they don't hold moisture. I also love a nice hand made ceramic pot but they are so hard to find! We'd love to try ceramics classes and have a crack at making our own sometime soon"

What's your go-to plant to gift to a friend? "I can't go past a pilea or a cactus cutting to gift to family and friends"

What are your top tips for keeping plants healthy (and alive)? "Literally just don't overthink it. I never stick to a watering schedule or anything like that. I sort of (sounds weird) sense if the plant is either thirsty, sick or not getting enough or too much light. Have a close look at the leaves to check for pests and dig at the top layer of soil - if it's dry, give it a drink! I also move plants around the house until I find the right spot. You can even group them in the shower to water them that way, plus it washes the dust off the leaves so they can absorb more sunlight.

Coming into winter - should our watering habits change? "Yes! Most plants go dormant during winter which means they basically stop growing and save all their energy until the spring time. I water my plants probably every 2 weeks maybe longer for some during winter, but you also have to keep in mind heating in your home which can dry them out. Cactus and succulents are easy, you don't have to water those guys at all really. Maybe once if that.

I use Seasol fertiliser every few months which helps with growth and is also good at keeping pests away. A lot of people don't realise when getting plants, that pests are basically a package deal!"

The Jumbled Quickie:

First thing you do when you have spare time? At the moment we literally have no spare time. But snuggling with the cats on the lounge and watching a movie is what we'd love to do.

Dream collaboration? Doing a pop up shop at Jumbled is pretty amazing!

One thing from your bucket list: Taylor - bringing my retro plant filled dreams to life and buying my own home one day. Justin - start making my own pots, either using cement or taking ceramics classes.

Craziest thing you've ever done? We once spent $700 on one plant (variegated monstera deliciosa)

Favourite family tradition? Chrissy is always a good one. Food, pressies and a fun time.

Song that gets you on the dance floor:  Taylor -Michael Jackson's Rock With You really gets me grooving. Justin - Usher, Yeah.

Yay! Great chatting, and we can't wait to see you at Jumbled on the 4th May! "We are so excited our little dream is happening and heaps thankful to Jumbled for making this wonderful plant pop up shop happen"

You can see more from this super-cool duo on Instagram - @shittinginpots, or via their eBay store here.


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