Rock a Boucherouite!

Oh gosh, we just received the newest drop of seriously stunning Boucherouite Rugs and it is LOVE at first sight! 

Here are three ways that you can bring a little Boucherouite love into your home!

In a kids' space! It's the perfect pop of colour and we especially love the SUGAR MAMA rug for it's soft, dreamy tones.

Ft. Wilhelmina The Unicorn, Chinese Money Plant, Kombu Green Velvet Beanbag, Orchid Velvet Pea Cushion, Spray Mint Linen Euro, Blueberry Satin Pillowcase, Knitted Deer Teddy, Little Gem Quilt Cover


The perfect little reading nook with the PENNY RUG

Ft. Musk Joplin Vase, Potted Calathea Plant, Tobacco Velvet Pea Cushion, Akemi Original Artwork, Playa Cayman Cushion, Coral Linen Euro Pillowcase, Cobalt Boho Cushion, Moka Love Seat, Rainforest Tassel Throw


Liven up an entry way with some wall hooks, fun storage and the CARA RUG!

Ft. Funnel Basket Lighting, Hanging Pothos Bush, Autumn's Advanced Party, Assorted Wall Hooks, Eucalyptus Rylie Round Cushion, Olsen Looped Shag Cushion, Scout Bench, Seagrass Belly Basket


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