'Fly With Me' with JWG

FLY WITH ME - A true colour explosion by Jonathan Gemmell!!!

We are seriously excited to welcome you to Jonathan Gemmell's solo exhibition - 'Fly With Me'. An exploration of aerial abstract landscapes, in every colour of Jonathan's heart!

Enjoy! It's going to be a wonderfully colourful month in store!

How did you start painting? 
I started painting when I was 5years old, my first art class down my the Yarra River in Warrandyte I drew a group of teddies in pastel haha funny now that I’m back using my oil sticks
What is your favourite colour combo? 
Blue and Green work great as a pair, there is so many different hues with the two. I really like mixing paints and creating unique colours
What do you listen to when you paint? 
It’s really anything that’s playing, I paint in silence too sometimes when I need to clear the mind.

If you weren’t painting, what would you be doing? 

I am a qualified landscaper & landscape designer by trade which is where I believe my use of pattern and circles come from, when designing a garden we use shapes as plants and patterns as different surfaces and toppings. 


How do you find your creativity?

For me it’s in the outdoors, fresh air has a way of making creativity run, that’s why I’m always creating some crazy bold landscapes and ocean reefs


What is your ideal day?

A big breakfast, hot coffee and a relaxing day with a bbq, cold drinks and friends and family


What do you do when you’re not painting?

We try to get away for little day trips and weekenders to local destinations 


Do you have a secret talent? 

Picking the colour inside clinkers 😝

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