Dulux Colour Trends 2018

As total colour lovers, every year we hang out for the Dulux Colour Trends. It's the ultimate inspiration! This year I was blown away when I  was asked to be a contributor!!! Umm.... yes, yes please!

This year's trends focus around 4 main themes; Essential, Escapade, Kinship and Reflect.

ESSENTIAL: Embrace different textures, handmade touches and raw edges


Essential is an ode to an authentic way of life and an appreciation for thoughtful and handmade items. It's all about bringing it back to basics and uncomplicating our surroundings. The colour focus here is gentle soothing colours. Not necessarily the traditional neutrals but rich tones designed to encourage simplicity.

We love that this trend creates a soothing and relaxing haven - you just know you'll feel rejuvenated from being in this home. The minimalist focus allows you to really appreciate those super special items. 

Painting aside, there are lots of ways you can bring this trend through your home. Bring in more texture  - super soft linens, a handmade ceramic platter for the table, a soft woolen throw blanket or a knotted jute rug. Keep the palette simple and earthy but don't just stick with beige. Try dusty pink or a soft avocado, get creative but think soothing.

ESCAPADE: Creating fun, lighthearted holiday vibes 

Moving right on to Escapade - this is all about creating a fun and playful space, reminiscent of those relaxing holiday vibes. The adventure comes from inspired colour palettes, that perfect pop of an unexpected colour, bold shapes and a mixing pot of styles. 

We love that this trend creates a space that is uplifting and playful. The perfect little escape, why would you want to be anywhere else?

You can bring this trend through your space by being brave with colour! Pick a colour palette that you just really love and try it! If you're unsure where to start, I find it useful to pick a favourite artwork and draw colour inspiration from there. Working with similar tones and then choosing an unusual contrast colour will help the colour feel cohesive.

KINSHIP: A celebration of culture through colour and texture

That brings us to Kinship, an eclectic blending of cultures and colours creating a space that is all about happiness, family and friendship. Cluttered with a mix of cultural and traditional pieces, Kinship focuses on warmth through collection and deep rich terracottas. 

We love that this creates a warm inviting space where you want to gather around the table with loved ones and share stories. The collection of cultural items feels personal and evokes a sense of wonder that travel ignites. The rich earthy tones pulls it all together.

You can emulate this trend with lush Moroccan rugs, unique vintage vases and hand printed Indian style cushions. Rich earthy tones can be balanced with muddled greens, and pattern, embroidery and tassels helps finish the space perfectly.

 REFLECT: Elegance and opulence are emulated through deep, rich tones and a nod to past glamour

Reflect throws back to the elegance of an older era. Timeless luxury is explored with moody and deep tones, touches of metallic and iconic shapes and styles.

We love the quiet decadence that this style oozes. Restful yet eccentric, the space feels like luxury.

To bring the Reflect theme through your space, draw your focus to classic finishings and unique century pieces. Think marble, crushed velvets, rich leather. To really set the space, try a unique central focus - it could be a deep purple velvet armchair, a smokey century pendant or even a crumbling antique stone bust. Try deep rich tones to bring it all together.

As usual Dulux have totally nailed the trends this year and I cannot wait to re-evaluate my space and inject some freshness with colour! If this is anything to go by, 2018 is going to be a cracker of a year!


Creative direction by Bree Leech, Styling by Heather Nette King and Photography by Lisa Cohen



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