'Colour Bomb'

Studio buddies Jessie Breakwell and Hanna Rose have combined to create our first ever joint exhibition - 'Colour Bomb'

Jessie and Hanna work in an idyllic studio, directly behind one of Melbourne’s iconic churches surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens. They love working together and although their styles are different, they both share a love of colour and the way painting can offer an escapism. Jessie’s work is more of a naïve style of art, whilst Hanna’s work is purely abstract with a focus on expressionism.

Jessie has been painting for 30 years, and has run a studio gallery for the past 15 years. Whilst creating original artwork is her passion she also offers a range of bespoke prints to allow for different budgets. She recently completed a fabulous Masterclass at home series, delighting students online and in person.

Much of Hanna’s colour inspiration comes from architecture, interiors and textile design. Her practice is visceral and music plays an integral role in her process. 

They met three years ago when Hanna started working for Jessie and realised they both studied Fine Arts at RMIT. Hanna still works for Jessie managing her giclee printing and sharing the studio space on alternate days. 

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