Brilliant Beth!

Have you guys had a chance to check out our incredible Beth Kennedy original artworks yet? Her work is incredible - the colours, the pop of neon, the layers and the seriously intricate little bits. I could stare at one of her artworks for hours on end!!

We had a seriously quick catch up with Beth - I don't know about you but I just NEED to know how this girl ticks! 

Mix or match?

Definitely mix, I like a lot of colours and patterns and I don’t mind them clashing a bit!

Fave colour combo?

I’m totally obsessed with pink and love all different shades of pink in my paintings and I teem this with blues, greens and oranges (to name a few!)

Where do you find your inspiration?

I love looking at patterns whether fabrics or wallpapers; flowers - I draw these from life and it’s a lovely thing to have fresh flowers in my house; other painters work inspires me too

Dream holiday destination?

Paris! We’re jetting off on a family holiday next year which we’re looking forward to

Describe your style at home?

White walls, colourful cushions and throws, big paintings on the walls (of course!) and it’s got to be pretty but low maintenance as well as I have two little girls and I want them to be totally at ease in their space. We have a dinged up dining table that they sit and draw and paint at and I love that

Dream Collaborators?

Well I’m feeling totally blown away to be collaborating with Greenhouse Interiors and also Jumbled Online! Honestly, talk about dreams coming true...

Describe your perfect day

It would involve sleeping in, wandering off (without the kids ;) for a lazy brunch and then a spot of shopping followed by a movie - bliss!

What is on your dream home wishlist?

Rachel Castle cushions, a big Leah Bartholomew print and eventually a new dining table!! 



Fiona Pugh 
Styling: Greenhouse Interiors and NC Interiors
Assistance from: Lennox Rd Interiors 
Photography: Armelle Habib
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