Amy Wright joins the gang!

We are insanely thrilled to be welcoming artist and florist extraordinaire Amy Wright to our JUMBLED gang! She has got to be one of the coolest creatives around, dappling in two of our favourite things ever - art and flowers! Interestingly Amy began her career in the corporate world, working with textiles and colour for the Automative Industry. Thankfully for us, she now not only paints the most incredible artworks (her colour palette is so perfect) but she also has our dream job styling flowers for weddings and events through Wunderplant! Crazy cool!

We were super lucky to get the chance to have a quick chat with Amy, and really get to know the girl behind the artworks! 

Mix or match

I am definitely more a MIX person! With a mixed bag of a background, I am drawn to endless patterns, textures, colors, all from different eras and genres. I love the interplay between the mis matched. Op shopping is one of my greatest vices! I love the story behind things, and love to think that things have come from somewhere completely different to where it is that you found it and where you'll be putting it. 


Fave colour combo

I adore colour. My favorite colour is always a moving target! My colour loves can be very seasonal. Much of my inspiration is drawn from my immediate surroundings - landscapes, flora - as the surroundings change so too does my colour palette loves.  I do love the mix of dusty muted neutrals, with a sudden punch of a high chroma accent in a vibrant orange, emerald green or a regal purple.


Where do you find your inspiration

My immediate surroundings are my go to for inspiration, my works are often botanically biased, and there is a never ending bucket of inspiration from the floral world. Plants are just amazing!  I do have the inclination to look at parts of landscape that others wouldn't normally notice. I like to hone in on sections, get up close and look at the patterns, textures and colours that appear when you isolate a section and remove it from its 'normal' environment. 


Dream holiday destination

Europe, somewhere, anywhere.

Your perfect day

30 degrees and sunny with a gentle breeze. Start with a walk along the coast with camera in hand, returning inevitably with a handful of grasses and floral samples. Time out in the garden in the sunshine with a cuppa, followed by a painting sesh in the studio, perhaps a couple of hours....general pottering about..... glass of wine and yummy dinner with my partner Steve. A relaxed, no frills kinda day 


Describe your style at home

Mixed! And always changing! I drive Steve mad with my rearranging! I go through periods with lots of colour and pattern and then I'll put that stuff away and it'll be muted coloured velvets and linens. I am a collector of things so I have little collections dotted around. Things in groups of 3, 5, 7.... Too many decorative white ceramic vases. Plants, plants, some flowers, and some more plants.


Fave flower or foliage

One and the same.  FAVE = Grasses, what most people would call weeds. So beautiful. Their structure, their colours, their movement and the sound they make when the wind blows.

We are lucky enough to have two of Amy's pieces in store, and they are beyond amazing! Check out her pieces online here!


Image credits:

Amy Wright Blog



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