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Artist in Residence: Kezz Brett

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You may have seen the exciting and energetic artworks of Kezz Brett adorning the walls of Jumbled - some of you may have been lucky enough to get your hands on one of her pieces...they never seem to last very long. 

Kezz has been working with colour and design all her life so to give more time to painting seems a given. In recent years she has really notched up the 'brush mileage' to supply fabulous fresh abstracts to Jumbled.

What makes your paintings different to others around?

A true love of colour, painting with no rules and just an innate quality of what works and what people want. Most of my work can be hung any which way - and that's why I don't sign the front. You can always make them fit your space!

How would you describe your artwork?

Each painting is a happy accident, which goes with the flow. I add and subtract as the painting develops and often I am surprised with the outcome. Colours and shapes are determined by whim.

Each painting is made up of multiple layers which add all the depth and definition, vim and vigour!

Do you have a favourite artist?

Yes, Van Gogh for his colour and vision - he painted under such dire circumstances. And Brett Whitely for his fluidity of stroke. 

Who or what are you most inspired by at the moment?

Everything! I love flowers, lighting in nature, perfume from Paris, Marimekko fabrics...the list is never ending! I love the soft mint green and turquoise which looks amazing with pinks and oranges, lime and mauve. I love using house paints (the Dulux dog and I are great mates!) The bigger the tin, the bigger the brush, the bigger the canvas, and the bigger my involvement. I love using clashing colours and pushing the paint around the canvas.

How do you fit in your painting with your life?

I don't have to make time because I simply let everything else slip back a notch or two. Housework, ironing, paying bills etc don't seem to have priority when it comes to anything artistic. 

Yes, I do get 'writer's block' and just have to ride it out (without resorting to drugs!) It's frustrating but unavoidable in a creative line of work - or in the pursuit of happiness. Paintings can take from 4 days to 4 weeks to complete and they can never duplicated (one of the main reasons I don't take on commissions.)

Describe your studio and your painting process.

I've got a huge studio at the back of my shop, where I stop and start depending on the flow of customers. I often help customers with paint up to my elbows and mint green in splatters on my shoes. It's a juggle but fun (and much better than book work) I'm lucky enough to have a light filled studio at home too so I can paint to my heart's content. 

Your favourite place in the world?

This would have to be India and that is simply because of the colour – my heart beats the whole time I am travelling around India. The oranges, reds, saffron and hot pinks are so stunning and vibrant and I am moved when I travel there.

Orange’s best kept secret

I'm not telling! But we all love Orange for so many reasons!


Comments on this post (2)

  • Jul 20, 2016

    Dear Kezz,

    I absolutely adore your artwork and have been following you on social media for a while now admiring all your pieces. I have just turned 40 and am so fortunate to of been gifted a little bit of money to put towards buying a painting from my friends and family. I am particularly drawn to your modern landscapes and there is one particular painting of yours that you posted on instagram a while ago, it is dated the 27th April. Its my absolute favourite. Has this painting been sold?- If not could I please ask how much it is? and also its size?. If it has been sold I am wondering if its possible for you to attempt to paint another one very similair? The colours and scene is exactly what i love. I understand if this is not possible. If you are able to do this could you please let me know cost and size. Im not sure how we would go about this, would it be an actual commission or would you be happy to just paint it and send me a photo and If I love it and wish to go ahead I can purchase or otherwise you would sell through your normal avenues?. I just feel a bit scared of 100% comitting having not seen any of your paintings in the flesh and unlikely will get to as i live in Western Australia. But if it turns out like my favourite one as identified to you I would be very very keen! Anyway Kezz keen to know your thoughts when you get a chance. You seem like a very productive and busy person churning out all these masterpieces!. Look forward to hearing from you. Kindest Regards Emma.
    PS- have been to Orange many years ago, straight from working and living in outback WA, it was so cold and I walked out of the pub and saw snow for the first time!- its a beautiful place!

    — Emma Kiffin-Petersen

  • Nov 22, 2013

    Omg . I just LOVE all your creative dashes, swirls and strokes. Those colours look stunning on every wall in every home. I’m just crossing all my bits and pieces hoping that I find one ( or maybe two… I’m not greedy or wanting…) under my Christmas tree.
    Keep it up Kezz. Will you be doing any one day workshops?? I’ d love to come!

    — Sally tompson

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