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Sophie Hansen from  is one of those people that has her finger in every pie... literally! Sophie is a freelance food writer, home cook, cook book author, Prac Workshop creator, talented photographer and a deer farmer based just out of Orange.

Sophie started her blog three years ago to celebrate nice farmers (like them) and share recipes, and stories not only from their own farm, but others plus kitchens and markets across the country. Her recipes are simple, seasonal and fresh and her photography is stunning. Check out her blog here.
We were lucky enough to catch her in between her monthly Farm Kitchen Lunch and her next Pracshop (both of which are on my MUST-DO-List!) Happy reading! Pip xxx


Dream holiday destination

Somewhere with great food, no internet reception and beautiful surroundings. I've never been before but am currently dreaming of an escape to Satellite Island just off Tasmania, it's a private Island with it's own oyster beds, you can just drop a fishing line off the front deck and spend days lazing, foraging, swimming and completely switched off from the world.

Mix or match?

MIX definately.

What is your all-time fave meal

Well of course it would have to be our venison! And at the moment, I'm craving something like this warm salad of seared venison fillet with pickled peaches and local quark cheese.  

What is the best thing about living in Orange NSW

The lovely people and the amazing food and wine they produce. Or is that two!? We are so lucky here to have four distinct seasons so four distinct waves of produce to play with. For someone interested in cooking, Orange is a wonderful place to be.

Who are your fave creatives

Where to I start!!! At the moment I'm particularly loving the work of photographer Luisa Brimble, food stylist and blogger Michelle Crawford from Hugo and Elsa, Venice based blogger and food writer Skye McAlpine, Irish blogger Imen McDonnell of Farmette and Marte Marie Forsberg has the most beautiful style too. And I'm busting to get a copy of Anna Jones' new book A Modern Way to Cook - her food is so creative, healthy and beautiful.

Where do you find your inspiration

See above! Also of course from the farms and farmers around us, from our own farm, from the recipes and techniques my Mum taught me and also from what I learn through collaborations and friends. I love cookbooks and magazines too - it's a dangerous, expensive addiction!

What is your style at home

Colourful, happy, comfortable.

Describe your dream tablescape

Well, I really love using linen, ceramics and flowers so it would be a simple wooden table laid with linen napkins, hand thrown plates and lots of platters to share. There'd be some foraged flowers and branches in there somewhere too!

I would love to attend one of your Local Is Lovely Pracshops, they sound like a total dream. What do they involve and who is best suited to attend.

Our workshops really are great fun and suit anyone wanting to inject a bit of inspiration and creativity into their lives! We have everyone from professional stylists and budding photographers to corporate office workers who seek some extra beauty in their lives. Bloggers, small business owners wanting to learn how to create better images for their websites and social media platforms, a wide range of people! But they all share a love of creating beautiful images and sharing beautiful food!

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