Make mine MINTY!

It's no secret we love beautiful things, so how could we not love the super talented ladies over at Minty Magazine! Their thoughtfully curated online magazine is a haven of all goodies that are perfect for your little people! We caught up with Sarah Davies, editor of Minty Magazine, to get the low down on all things minty. 

Can you explain your idea behind launching Minty Magazine? We purchased a 60's home a couple of years ago which we have slowly been renovating. When it came time to create a magical little space for our two girls I was overwhelmed by the amount of inspiration on Pinterest and it occurred to me late one night that I should create my own little platform to showcase what I believe is the best in children's design. I am only just finishing their rooms off now though - the magazine seemed to take over there for a while!

What are you aiming to showcase in Minty? Ultimately we showcase beautiful children's interiors with a mix of family homes, fashion, decor and other pops of inspiration. I like to ensure we are always curating content which our readers haven't seen before. I am also passionate about small business and this industry is absolutely brimming with talented artisans and creators, so its nice introducing their wares to our readers too.

You recently had another little baby, how are you managing??? Is it lots of coffee? What's your secret? I won't lie - our third babe (who is now 5 months old), has increased the workload more than I expected but the best piece of advice I was given was to lower my expectations (although this is easier said than done)! For now, I work when the babies are asleep which allows me to get the bare minimum done. I have loads of stuff planned for Minty Magazine in the future, but my priority for these few months is to savour every minute of my's cliche but they grow up far too quickly.

What trends do you think we will be seeing in kids spaces and interiors? There are so many amazing removable wallpaper options available now, making it easier than ever to create an amazing and unique room without the commitment of the traditional variety.

What is your style like at home? In 2016 we are renovating our bathroom, laundry, kitchen/living and deck so things will change considerably. Mostly I love neutral walls and furniture, with pops of colour and texture in our decor. I also have a thing for retro furniture, and my husband has restored some fabulous old pieces for our home. 

What is on your interiors wish list? Holy moly, I want all.of.the.things!!!. Right now I have my eye on the Factory Cabinet (bedside tables) from General Eclectic. Simple, practical but very lovely to look at!

Mix or match? I love the look and idea of mixing colours, styles and textures, but I must say when it comes to my own home, I always come back to those which match.

Fave colour combo? It honestly changes so often, but since having a boy (after two girls) I am really loving blue in every variety. Particularly teamed with sea green and tan leather.

What have you got planned for Minty Magazine in the future? We would love to publish a special printed edition at the end of the year, and have already started developing beautiful content. Our only hurdle will be a crowd funding campaign to help pay for printing costs, and we will launch this in October. Stay tuned, you'll be able to pre-order your copy soon!

Make sure you hop on over to their website to check out the latest edition of Minty Magazine!

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