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Anthea from Meraki Magazine is one of the loveliest people you will come across and her online mag that was co-founded with Sam Leenman is packed full of lust worthy interiors and event styling inspo. We recently picked Anthea's brain about the trends in events and tablescapes, her style at home and Meraki magazine.


Can you explain your idea behind launching Meraki Magazine?

I launched Meraki Magazine with my Co-Founder, Sam Leenman, for slightly selfish reasons. The first being that I had finished planning my wedding and had a creative hole in my life. I wanted an excuse to create beautiful tablescapes and spaces again! The second is slightly less selfish - I was studying Interior Design at the time and I saw there was a gap in the magazine market between the glossy lifestyle/design magazines for everyday people and the over the top industry level design magazines for Interior Designers. I envisioned a magazine that was authentic but pushed the styling boundaries whilst creating beautifully curated pages with an independent vibe.

What is the meaning of the word 'Meraki"?

'Meraki' means to put your soul, creativity and who you are into what you do. That is exactly what our magazine is about. Each shoot, each article, each interview is putting a piece of someone's soul, someone's creative dreams onto paper and immortalising it.
What trends do you think we will be seeing in events styling?

I think we'll be seeing a resurgence of the Mexican vibe coming through. I've seen quite a few fiesta-themed parties lately, and the vivid colours and bold styling concepts are simply delicious. I also think we'll start seeing an event styling take on the Shaker design style. It's a style that is making a comeback in Interior Design, and event styling often follows where interior design has gone. Think linen tablecloths in charcoals, greys and neutrals, natural materials such as wooden chairs and lots of greenery/florals.

What are the latest trends that you are seeing in Wedding styling at the moment?

think the bohemian vibe is still having a big moment. It's almost become the 'Little Black Dress' of the wedding world. I always love a well constructed boho wedding and from a practical point of view they are so easy. Keep everything neutral, chuck in some lace, add some silverware to your tablescape, write something slightly whimsical on your invitations and tada - boho wedding. I've also seen a few weddings that have centred around a geometric theme - very very cool. I'm hoping that 2015 will see people pushing styling boundaries and getting away from stereotypical styling.

Who are your fave creatives in the field of styling?

Oh man. So many! But my main go to creatives are Megan Morton, Abigail Ahern and Bri Emery. They each have such distinct styles and pave their own way in design. We had the honour of interviewing Abigail Ahern for one of our issues. I died. I haven't gained the courage to ask Megan Morton or Bri Emery yet!


What is your style like at home?

My style is best described as 'eclectically evolving'. Sadly, I am not loyal to one particular style and will chuck out everything and start again based on a new piece I see (I am a terrible, terrible person). My poor husband comes home regularly to an entirely different house. For example, a few months ago I bought a gorgeous original mid century lounge suite. I am now getting rid of this to make way for a new brown leather couch I fell in love with. I have a problem.

Describe our dream tablescape?

I really love tiny neon dinosaurs at the moment. My dream tablescape would definitely involve those, and if I could, Heston Blumenthal would create me an entirely edible tablescape - edible flowers, edible cutlery, edible everything. Yum! So tiny dinosaurs and Heston Blumenthal creations.

Your perfect day?

Well I now have a newborn so a perfect day for me is one where I can sleep all day undisturbed haha! But normally it would involve breakfast at a cafe with my husband and dog, Bear, before meandering through endless galleries and museums (without my husband because he doesn't roll like that).

Mix or match?

Mix. Always.

Your dream holiday destination?

Snowboarding in Japan. It's defintiely on the cards once our new baby, Camilla, is old enough!

What is on your interiors wish list?

It's entirely unpractical but I would love Shiro Kuramata's "How High the Moon" armchair. It's made entirely out of steel mesh with no interior frame or support. It looks unreal.

Fave colour combo?

Copper and Deep Navy. Scrumptious!

What have you got planned for Meraki Magazine in the future?

We have a few projects in the pipeline for the future. We are planning on bringing out an annual print coffee table book overflowing with styling so stunning it gives you massive love heart eyes! But before we embark on that we want to establish the magazine a little more - we're still such a baby magazine!


Download the latest edition of Meraki Magazine here.



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