Get Your Weave On!

Have you noticed the woven wall hangings popping up all over the place lately? This trend seems to be gaining momentum! Everywhere I look, there they are......from the super tiny and sweet to the huge and hairy!

I really must give credit to Kel from Chief and Kewpie for igniting my interest in woven wall art. I can't remember when I first stumbled upon Kel's amazing wall hangings on Instagram, but I think it was LOVE at first sight.

Weavings are a great way to add colour, texture and warmth to any space. 

Try clustering a collection together for max impact or just pop one amongst the other goodies in your home to ramp up the texture and personality in your space.

Wall hangings can be ultra simple, whilst the next will have layers upon layers of texture, colour, fringing, pom poms, tassels and knots.


At Jumbled we LOVE this trend so much that we had to dedicated a Pinterest board to the art form. We are just blown away by just how clever people are and what wild pieces can be created by just a loom a little bit of creativity.

So if you are feeling inspired by this trend, the we have some awesome news for you! We're hosting a Weaving Workshop with Kel on the 1st and 2nd November! There are still some seats available. This 3hr beginners weaving class will cover the 4 basic techniques you will need to complete a weave. It's going to be really hands on with lots of chatting, food and hopefully laughs.
Tickets are $195 and that includes the workshop, refreshments and a take home loom kit!

Saturday 1st November 4pm- 7pm (purchase tickets here)

Sunday 2nd November 10am- 1pm (purchase tickets here)

“Weave” got to give this trend a try! (Sorry I had to finish with this!)
Love Pip and Jumbled xxx


Read all about our workshops here.

Image credits:

Chief & Kewpie , Ann-Marie Espinoza, Maryanne Moodie

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