Welcome... Mia Oatley

I was lucky enough to have been able to visit the studio of the super talented Mia Oatley. I have been admiring her work for some time, so I was thrilled to have been able to meet the lady and see her works in the flesh.

Mia is one of those people that you just feel right at ease with and you can’t help but feel excited by her bold, vivid style and her confident use of colour. Every canvas is dripping with colour and energy……oh gosh I just had the best afternoon gazing at all of her goodies!

This year Mia’s career was catapulted to another level when she was selected as a finalist in The Archibald Prize for her portrait of Tim Maguire. After trying 8 previous times, with one entry making it to the Salon Des Rufuses in 2011 it really was 9 nine times lucky!

Mia’s work may look familiar to you as she has been showcased in many of our fave magazines. Real Living featured Mia’s work in their 100th edition cover art June edition alongside the legendary Gorman, Martine Emdur, Blacklist studio, Beastman to name a few! Yen Magazine, www.adoremagazine.com and Belle magazine have also featured her work as an artist to keep your eyes on.

Mia really is the talk of the town. Queensland Homes Magazine quotes that “Mia Oatley is one of the most exciting young Australian artists to watch and most certainly to collect." And James Cockington from the SMH Financial Review as speculated that “the future worth of her paintings will be worth 5 million in 2050. Oatley is a highly promotable rising star creating bold, edgy and confrontational work."


 5 Mins with Mia!

Fave colour combo?

I love all colours, but especially aqua and orange, yellow and pinks, and violet and blues tones.

What inspires your work?

I find inspiration everywhere I go, but am especially attracted to colours and textures found in street art, in fashion, and in nature. I also love to meet other creatives who see the world in different ways, that is inspiring!

Describe your perfect day

I love to travel, and have new adventures so my perfect day would be to just get up and get on a plane and go somewhere completely new and different! 

What is your style at home?

like to combine vintage pieces of furniture in with contemporary pieces. Home is a sanctuary so I love clean lines, and freshly painted white walls. It's the perfect space to hang big and colourful paintings.

Who would be your dream person to paint?

I'm really inspired by the amazing Lisa Gorman, Romance Was Born and Louise Olsen from Dinosaur Designs, and would love to paint any or all of them!


We are lucky enough to have two of Mia’s artworks for sale in Jumbled – Sassy Lady and Lovers (purchase online here)

I hope that you are all as excited as I am to welcome Mia into our Jumbled gang




Pip xxx

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