Interview - Mikarla Bauer

We are extremely honoured and excited to have Mikarla Bauer conduct two separate workshops for Jumbled on February 22nd and 23rd. There is loads of information about the workshops so go on and click here to read more.

Mikarla has spent the last 10 years as a floral designer working for boutique florists in Sydney and Berlin. She is regarded as one of Sydney’s most exciting florists blending her own unique style and vision into each installation.

Mikarla strengths lay in clashing colour combinations, contrasting textures and the compulsive desire to search the markets, farms and the roadside for that special bloom her clients are lusting for. 

How did you get into Floristry
I always wanted to be a florist, my grandmother Bobby was a florist. I helped her out in my school holidays as a kid. I studied interior design first not really knowing that I could have a career as a florist. Siting at a computer and looking at wallpaper swatches was not my idea of a rewarding job, so I approached a lovely flowers shop in Paddington and started an apprenticeship while studying floristry. Best move ever! I love my job.

Where do you find inspiration
I find inspiration in fashion, art, the countryside and my amazingly nutty friends and family. My girlfriends are a power house of creativity- architects, painters, photographers and artists . Laura Jones's bold floral paintings and Adriana Pickers delicate botanical ink drawings are really inspiring me at the moment. I'm also obsessed with Marimekko fabric and green italian glass. If I'm lacking inspiration I like to take a bush walk and peruse blogs like Saipua, Henry Hudson and the Design Sponge.

Images from: Laura Jones and Henry Hudson

Describe the tablescape that you would create for Jumbled's next birthday party
I like lots of clashing colour and texture for a crazy party vibe. I would start by running a few sets of the bamboo nets bowl tightly down the centre of the table. Working with the vibrant colours of the bowls I would mass them with dahlias, garden roses, gardenias and mint. Really fragrant and summery. I love using tiny potted cactus at place settings, warped in neon tule. I have a bit of an accidental Mexican vibe going on in my head so I'd top it of with garlands of cumquat, mint and hot red dahlias strung in festoon lighting over the table.

Images from: Martha Stewart and 100 Layer Cake

Favourite flower
I could never pick just one but my top ten are; passionfruit flower, dogwood, lilac, Lilly of the valley, fritillary, anemone, geranium, camellia, cherry blossom and really fragrant garden roses.

Images from Pinterest

Where would you hold your dream dinner party?
On the Greek island of Santorini. On a white washed terrace over looking the sea. Eating grilled fish and Saganaki cheese dripping with honey and oregano. I'd dress the table with a wrinkled white linen cloth and low gold bowls filled with pomegranates and red roses.

Images from: Guidora


Best tip you could give about working with flowers.
Be kind to the flower growers and treat them with respect. They are some on the most amazing and hard working people you will ever meet. Take care of your body and hands. It a very physical job. Buck trends and go for flowers you are drawn to.

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