Review - Gelato Messina

When this book arrived in store recently, we literally melted into a salivating mess!

Messina first opened its doors in Darlinghurst, Sydney in 2002. It had a clear goal - to set a new benchmark for Gelato in Australia. They have certainly achieved this with people flocking to their store, which is now located at The Star, The Creative Department and in Surry Hills. They have been given honours in the Good Food Guide and have many fans, including some of the finest chefs in the country. 

We are thrilled the Messina family have compiled their most beloved (and best selling) recipes and published them in this glorious book. Messina - the cookbook, includes lush photography and clear instructions on how to create their recipes in your very own domestic kitchen. Insert whooping sounds! 

Our favourite is Mango Sorbet!

Mangoes are in season and we used Kensington Pride. So juicy and sweet, you would swear that it has dairy in it - but it doesn't. It would be PERFECT as an alternative Christmas Day dessert!

You can buy the book here ($39.95 + shipping) - and if this is a Christmas present, don't forget to request free gift wrapping!

Images from - Concrete Playground, The Kitchen Inc

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