Why We Chose A Reflection Pond

When we first decided we were building, one of the first things that made it onto my non-negotiable list was a reflection pond. I wasn't interested in a pool, living in Orange there are only a couple of months of the year when you can swim anyway, and my mum Kezz Brett owns one, so if we are ever keen for a swim, we head there. But there is nothing more calming and beautiful to look at than water and so a reflection pond; 20cm deep, running the length of our home quickly became a part of our plan.

In so many of the images I found on Pinterest in parts of Morocco, Italy and Puglia, architects have used reflecting pools to create insane mirror images of mountain ranges and coast lines - with a beautiful waterfall edge that fell away into the view. Building on the side of a hill in Orange has some similarities but my view is of Mt Canobolas and Spring Creek Dam - still exceptionally beautiful! We're currently finalising plans for the pond and can't wait to show more, but for now, here is just some of the inspiration I have found on Pinterest.



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