Our Dream Block

I had been away for work when Speedy called me and said he'd found our dream block of land. A picturesque western facing space overlooking Spring Creek Dam and Mount Canobolas in Orange. 

As soon as I saw it for myself, I knew he was right - it totally was a dream! Basically overnight we'd gone from living in our freshly renovated Miner's Cottage in the centre of town, to totally excited and planning our forever home on this ridiculously amazing block of land.

I grew up on a farm myself and I am SO happy that we're going to be able to give our boys a slice of that too. Where they can run and ride and have pets and roam free. 

These pics we're taken last Winter for our Jumbled Journal - look at that view!! We have some work ahead of us in planning how to build on the side of the hill, so we've enlisted the help of Studio Esteta; an amazing architectural firm in Melbourne to bring our vision to life. We can't WAIT to show you what we have planned!

Stay tuned!               


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