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Online Laybys

Laybying with us online has never been easier! Now you really can have it all...

All you need to do is...

1. Pop all your goodies in your shopping cart

2. Enter your shipping and billing details

3. Enter the promo code "LETMELAYBY"

4. Your cart will automatically be deducted, leaving only a non refundable deposit of 30% owing

Following payment of your non refundable deposit, you will have 6 weeks to complete the rest of your payments. You can easily make payments by emailing Jess with the amount you would like to pay and we'll send you an invoice :)

You can contact Jess on

As soon as your layby has been paid in full, we'll post your goodies!

And that's it! Now all that's left is for you to fill your shopping cart with all your favourite goodies! Have fun xx


**Please note that you are still welcome to layby sale items, however laybys for sale items are for 4 weeks only.

Now for the boring stuff...

- All JUMBLED laybys are strictly either 6 weeks (full priced items) or 4 weeks (sale items)

- A non refundable deposit of 30% is required to establish your layby

- All laybys must be completed within the time frame or your layby will be automatically cancelled and your non refundable deposit will be forfeited

- Any cancellation of your layby will result in the forfeit of your 30% non refundable deposit

- JUMBLED reserves the right to cancel your layby, without notification, if your layby is not finalised by the end of the layby period

- Layby items will only be posted once payment is made in full

- If any of your shipping details change during the period of your layby, it is the customer's responsibility to notify JUMBLED otherwise redirection will be arranged at the customer's expense

- If you need to return your layby, you must contact us within 24 hours of receiving the item and a return tracking number given within 48 hours. You will then receive a credit for your order, less the 30% non refundable deposit.