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Meet Our Team!

Oh hi there! This is us, team JUMBLED! 
We're die hard lovers of all things beautiful! We have one hard and fast rule here at JUMBLED, and that is to only stock things that make our heart totally sing! Every single thing in our store is here because we want/need/have it in our homes! 

We're a loud bunch, and we have (probably too much) fun at work!

Pip (the ultimate boss lady) loves a good FAST walk, a glass of bubbles and a cracker sunset.  


Jess (or Jestiny's Child as she's better known) loves an over the top dinner picnic and a boogie on the dance floor with her dog, Jasper.


Em (our gal on the floor!) loves a little bit of self care! Give this girl a G&T and a 7 step skin care regime and call her HAPPY!


Celina (our fashion QUEEN) loves hitting the gym (sometimes twice in one day) and dancing to super tragic 80s music. 

Lara (fashion designer extraordinaire) loves spending time with her family - sharing delicious meals and lots of laughs.


Brooke (the fastest parcel packer in the West!) loves vintage cars and 50s rockabilly!


 Our shyest staff member Lenny is just so quick, it's impossible to get a photo of him! Lenny is our backroom wizard and he loves a project! When he's not working hard packing your orders, he's sewing - fixing a knitting machine - learning stenography and creating 2000s mash ups.