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Our brand spanking new PODCAST is now live!!! Eeeek!!!
Join us each week as we chat with some of our favourite people - over bubbles of course!!

SEASON 2, EPISODE 5: Stefi Kerby of Celia Loves
This pocket rocket is the scent-master behind our favourite candle/diffuser range, Celia Loves!
SEASON 2, EPISODE 4: Mel Robbins from The Lot Co
Mel is a total business guru - listen for our Dear Melissa series!
SEASON 2, EPISODE 3: Rebeka Morgan of Build Her Collective
The Build Her Collective was made to empower women to take control of their own build/renovations. Hear more about how it was created!
SEASON 2, EPISODE 2: Artist, and my Mum, Kezz Brett
To share in the joy of Mother's Day - I've interviewed my Mum and popular JUMBLED artist, Kezz Brett!


SEASON 2, EPISODE 1: Rachel Castle of Castle & Things
We're spreading the joy throughout isolation with the queen of colour, Rachel Castle!

SEASON 1, EPISODE 1: Amy Clarke of Confetti Rebels

Beige, Nancy Ganz knickers and a ton of tinsel? We chat with the founder and creator of killer tee shirt brand, Confetti Rebels! Find out what inspires her to put herself out there and create a community based around empowering women.


- - - - - 

SEASON 1, EPISODE 2: Jane Cay of Birdsnest
As the founder of multi-million dollar clothing empire Birdsnest - AND a country businesswoman, Jane Cay was one of the first mentors we approached to speak at The Huddle. At first she declined due to work commitments, so you can imagine our total delight when she purchased tickets for herself and her work colleagues to come along! This podcast, which was recorded live at the event, is insightful and inspiring and I think you'll love what she's got to say!  
- - - - -
SEASON 1, EPISODE 3: Briony Marsh, Fashion Designer
Briony Marsh is one of those amazing women who is as successful as she is genuinely lovely. I have loved her ever since we first started stocking her incredibly beautiful clothing line in iglou years and years ago.

Briony has built an amazing business which releases just one stunning collection each year, making her pieces highly sought after and treasured by their owners for years to come. I am so grateful she accepted our invitation to attend The Huddle, and can't wait for you to hear all about her business, life and what led her to close her label at the end of 2019. You're going to LOVE it!
- - - - -
SEASON 1, EPISODE 4: Julia Green, Greenhouse Interiors
Julia Green; my soul sister/travelling partner in crime/ex (legal) drug dealer/art agent/wholesaler/interior designer extrordinaire. There is literally NOTHING this woman cannot do and I just knew The Huddle wouldn't have been the same without her.

Her love of life and work and family is amazing and if ever there was a shining example of taking the leap from a corporate to a creative career to feed your soul, than Julia is it. I know you're going to LOVE this podcast!
- - - - -
SEASON 1, EPISODE 5: Phoebe Bell, Sage and Clare
I am SO excited for you to hear my chat with Phoebe from Sage and Clare! She is incredibly down to earth and has created one of my all time favourite homewares labels which just keeps getting better with each year that passes!

But her road to success wasn't straightforward and for many years Phoebe wondered if she'd ever find the right job...until she created it herself. She was a creative stuck in a corporate career and I think SO many of you will relate to this story, so jump over and take a listen!

SEASON 1, EPISODE 5: Grace Brennan
Last year, Grace Brennan and her incredible team created #BuyFromTheBush, an initiative to promote rural businesses who were struggling through the drought. The response to their campaign, which was hatched at Grace's dining table, was NEXT LEVEL amazing and resulted in an influx of love and sales for the brands featured, even turning some around from the brink of closure.

I was SO thrilled to welcome Grace to The Huddle and couldn't let her leave without a chat for our podcast. This is our last episode in the series, and we promise you it's a good one!

I hope you've loved listening xx
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