How Morocco inspired our build

As someone who has travelled a lot, I have seen my fair share of amazing architecture, but none more inspiring to me than that of the Mediterranean. In the last couple of years, since taking tour groups to Morocco twice each year and also travelling to Puglia and Greece my love of their simple, earthy forms has only grown, and when we found our dream block of land, I just knew what the end result would be.

I am obsessed by the London based Architecture Firm Studio KO (check out this villa in particular!) and wanted to create a modern Mediterranean home that suits our Australian landscape - much like they have done across parts of Morocco. A home that sits within the landscape, rather than perched on top of it. A home with earthy colours and plenty of texture. A home that celebrates curves and natural stone with a neutral palette that would allow me to come in and add touches of colour through linen, furniture and original art.

When we first engaged Studio Esteta, they asked us to let loose on Pinterest and pin everything that embodied our dream home aesthetic. Here is just some of our inspiration!

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