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Whitney Spicer

Once upon a time - Whitney Spicer was our bookkeeper! We had no idea that she was hiding this incredible talent!!! Whitney is a super talented female artist that we are so proud to feature in our collection. The works of Whitney Spicer are playful and colourful and every piece has its own touch of inspiration that will give a bit of life to any space you decide to hang it.

Everybody loves a bit of Whitney

What we love about Whitney Spicer’s art is that she’s taken the traditional still life painting style and turned it on its head, in the coolest possible way. Her creative expression in the wild brushstrokes she uses to make everyday things from around your house seem exotic and beautiful just goes to show that she has a rare talent. We almost can’t believe that she wasn’t planning on sharing her skills with the world! We’re totally convinced that everybody needs a little Whitney Spicer in their home.

A return to passion

Whitney has a pretty common story when it comes to artists, she believed that she needed a ‘real job’ to survive in this big bad world. But like so many of our talented mums/artists, it was the chance to stay home with her kids that brought her back to her passion and delivered Whitney Spicer art to the world. She has a gorgeous ability to see beauty in simple things and her acrylic on canvas work shows just how amazingly creative she really is.

Whether you’re buying an original piece or one of her stunning prints from the Jumbled art collection, getting your hands on a piece of Whitney Spicer art is an absolute must. You know we love to support our local artists, but with Whitney being a little more local than the rest, she holds a truly special place in all our hearts.