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Tegan Franks

Get your summertime beach feels on with a piece of Tegan Franks art. Her work never graces our walls for long because people just love the summery, beachy vibes in every piece. When we say you have to love where you live, Tegan Franks is exactly who we’re talking about. She’s based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and takes her creative inspiration from the stunning beach scenes all around her to create these gorgeous pieces, just for us.

Bring the beach home with you

Sometimes we find ourselves losing time, just staring at a piece of Tegan Franks art. You can somehow spend hours creating little groupings in your head of the people in every piece, imagining yourself lying on the beach and soaking up the sunshine. That’s what Tegan’s work does for you, it takes you on a little journey to a place where the waves lap at the shore and makes you feel like you haven’t got a care in the world.   

Is it the art or the artist that inspires?

There’s no doubt that Tegan Franks is one creative gal, but how on earth she finds the time to paint we might never understand. As a proud mum of four beautiful babies, the fact that she makes time to create these gorgeous pieces at all is pretty incredible in itself. We consider ourselves so lucky at Jumbled that we get to feature Tegan Franks art on our site and in our store because even though we love her art, we love her as an artist even more.

Get it while it’s hot

Every time we get a new collection of Tegan’s work, it’s as good as out the door. Tegan Franks art is always in hot demand because it’s just so simple and pretty. If you’ve been looking to grace your walls with some local talent, then Tegan’s your girl.

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