Room Spray - Rose + Tonka Bean

Celia Loves


Smells like your effortlessly cool and chic friend who’s always posting Mecca hauls on her Instagram stories

If you lust over subtle, sophisticated scents that remind you of Spring flower markets, your home needs Rose & Tonka Bean

Top notes sichuan pepper, bergamot, turmeric
Heart notes bulgarian rose, turkish rose, geranium
Base notes tonka bean, patchouli, warm musk, vanilla, cedarwood

Handcrafted and poured on the Surf Coast of Victoria

Rose & Tonka Bean room spray will bring those sun-drenched Ibiza Bohemia vibes to your life

Celia Loves triple scented room sprays have been carefully curated to instantly elevate your everyday moments and *seriously* scent your space

Featuring chic vessels and new iconic packaging, they’re a luxe addition to any home (and an epic gift that will get you LOTS of brownie points)

We’ve incorporated a balance of both polished and playful scent portfolios, so there’s one for every nose

Now get spritzing, bestie!

  • ●  Fragrance floral & calm

  • ●  Hand-poured on Victoria’s Surf Coast

  • ●  The Best Australian Scented Room Spray

  • ●  Triple Scented

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