Annie Everingham

Think soft flowing colours, in a dreamlike blend of pattern and texture that makes your heart skip a beat when it catches your eye, and you might be close to something you would find in the Annie Everingham art collection. Annie’s works are a team favourite around here, not to mention being a very popular choice in the Jumbled original art collection. As a Newcastle-based artist, Annie loves the beach and nature which is reflected in many of her works, and the way she uses colour and texture to create emotion in her pieces is nothing short of amazing.

From fashion to fulfillment

Annie started out training in the fashion industry, but it wasn’t long before she put down the dressmaking scissors and picked up a paintbrush to begin creating her own line of beautiful textured prints on the fabric instead. Annie has always been a self-professed ‘creative’ and was lucky enough to have wonderful parents who fostered her creativity as she was growing up. Annie Everingham art has the ring of a self-made woman, she has gone from selling homewares in small local markets in the beginning, to producing stunning pieces of art that are now sold around the country. We love supporting the kind of artists who share their passion with the world and Annie is certainly one of those.

A winning combo  

Annie is one of those people that doesn’t like to be restricted by only one medium, so while she uses acrylics in most of her work, she also loves to dabble in oils and other mediums, blending them all together with abstract shapes and floral styles to create the Annie Everingham art that blows us away, every time. Annie’s a mover and shaker in the creative world and her ever-evolving artistic style is something we love to watch.

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