Alicia Beech

You wouldn’t think that abstract shapes and clashing colours could ever make something as beautiful as an Alicia Beech piece, but the proof is right here. In all of its bold and brave glory, Alicia Beech art is inspirational. Working with so many colours, she creates the kind of pieces that energise you instantly and make you feel that little bit stronger and that little bit braver, just by looking at them. You can tell that Alicia really lets go when she’s creating, and the final result makes us all sit back and stare in wonder at the finished product, where everything seems to magically come together. Alicia, you go girl!

It’s not a passion, it’s an obsession

As an only child, Alicia spent plenty of time entertaining herself and letting her imagination run wild with any pencil or crayon she could get her hands on. This, together with her grandmother being a talented artist, was all Alicia really needed to develop a passion, though she would call it an obsession with art. Alicia Beech art is a form of meditation for her and at the start of each piece, she never really knows what the finished product is going to look like. Hearing Alicia talk about her love of painting and disappearing down the rabbit hole when she works, is about as beautiful as the art she creates.

Art that feeds the soul

Alicia Beech art takes you back to the days of wonder as a child where everything was bright and beautiful, and the world was a paradise for your imagination. Using all the bright fluro and metallic colours available to her, Alicia allows each work to evolve into the final piece it becomes, which is usually something we know just has to be a part of the Jumbled original art collection

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