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Meet The Little Beastie!

We have been long-term fans of Kate of The Little Beasties - with her signature colourful style and adorably cute little family so you can image our excitement to announce her as the newest member of the Jumbled Art Collective! Continue reading

Our Confetti Rebels Collab!

We first stumbled across Amy from Confetti Rebels after a video of her dancing around her living room went viral. As we peeled back the layers, we discovered an amazing brand - hello sweary tees and sweaters (!!), and an even more amazing human who is cool as hell, stands up for what she believes in and does a hell of a lot of good for some amazing charities. 

It soon became obvious that we needed to collaborate with Amy and we are SO CRAZY EXCITED to announce our brand new and exclusive collection of tees has finally arrived! To celebrate, we chatted with Amy about life, career and the mum juggle! Sit down and strap yourself in - this interview is a total cracker! 

Amy, we have such a crush on you - tell us about yourself and your background? "I am 35, a mother (but don't let that define me!) and really felt like the life I was meant to live only started last year. Weird huh? I love sweet food, dancing (obviously) and hanging out with family and mates. I have a sickening passion for craft that stems back from days of having to entertain myself while my parents worked at my dads hair salon. Employment wise, I have been so lucky to have worked in so many cool places that have given me the tools to be who I am today. One includes a radio station where I met a heap of my favourite bands and artists (including Usher) hahah. I used to run around taking photos of them and uploading onto social media (which was just getting big back then)."

What made you start Confetti Rebels? "I actually used to wholesale greeting cards to retail shops but it kind of fizzled out when my second baby was born. I went into a MASSIVE slump and felt so lost. I tried about 3 different business avenues before Confetti Rebels. One day, my best friend put the idea of me starting an apparel business to motivate women who have been through what I have in the past (losing both my parents to cancer, suffering from PND and body issues). She basically said "Why don't you put what your slogans say onto t-shirts instead of cards?" and I thought, "Why the hell not!?" I still owe her a lifetime of t-shirts as a thank you!"

How do you decide what slogans or words will make the final cut - do you have a specific customer in mind when you create each piece? "What you see in my store is only 30% of what actually makes it to print. I need to take my target market into account, what slogans are relevant to the moment and what I think will sell. I do want this to be a thriving business, so if I put swear words on all my tees, my market might be a little minimised. I try to design a tee every month that I can donate 10% from ever shirt to a charity. One day I would like to launch more than 2 tees a month, but as the business is still in it's infancy, I need to put my business hat on and pace myself!"

You've gained a bit of a cult following; what is it about your Insta page/brand that people love the most do you think? "Every day I wake to 10-20 DM's on instagram about how my tees and my account make people feel good about themselves. I feel teary thinking about it. I never thought of myself having that much of an impact on someones feelings but that stems back to years of self doubt and no motivation to thrive in my own skin. Only recently I have started to have a no BS attitude and if you don't like it, well, you know the slogan! I feel many people can relate, some women have had PND, some women have/had body issues and some have lost people close to them too. I don't have it all together, and I'm happy to be honest and share that. My mum always called me an attention seeker, and I'll happily own it. Someone's gotta do it!"

'Shake your tits' Friday is pretty much the highlight of our week - we're you nervous launching your first video? "It all started when my husband took the kids out one Sunday morning and I was doing the housework and a tune dropped and I started dancing, I thought I'd send it to him to show him how much fun I was having without them, but instead I popped it on instagram. It was a hit! In case you're looking for it, it was back in June 2018 and involved a stuffed tiger. I WISH I COULD DO THEM EVERY WEEK! But good ol' Instagram music rights get in the way and I actually upload a few as they get taken down. Apparently I'm red flagged now! Hahah!"

You're not only a clever person, you're also a generous one; can you tell us a bit about the charity/ies you support? "Sadly still being a small business I can't donate a HUGE amount of money as I need to keep the business afloat, but I do try to donate as much as I can from a specific tee range. This coming October I am launching a very beautiful and heartfelt tee for National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. I am going to donate $10 from every tee sale to a charity in need. That's a whopping amount from my profits, but I'm okay with that if it means it's going to help a mother with the resources for support."

We love that you're all about empowering women and helping them to love the skin you're in; what are your top 3 tips for self-love? "1. Honestly, I live off the motto "You only have ONE body, so love it" oh, and the "IDGAF" attitude comes in a close second. If someone has something negative to say about your body, that's their problem, not yours.

2. Don't punish yourself, enjoy the small things, eat that cake, go for a walk, drink that wine, have that healthy smoothie, life is full of contradictions, so apply that to your daily habits too! It's all about balance.

3. Take time for yourself! If you're a mum that doesn't work. Put your kid in daycare anyway, go to the movies, have a spa date, go sit and read a book at the beach. Trust me, it'll all be there waiting for you at home anyway. Just take time for yourself, I never really did this until I suffered PND, and if I didn't start a self care regime, then I don't think I'd be of sound mind. For the record "self care" doesn't mean beautifying yourself, it can mean anything, quite the opposite actually, like sitting around in your PJ's smelling like last night's Indian curry because it tasted so good!"

Tell us about your kids and your juggle with #mumlyfe/running a successful biz? "Oh gosh! I struggle! I have a son in school (which the days go WAY TOO FAST), and my daughter is in daycare three days. Funnily enough I don't work much on the days I have no kids as that time is sacred! But routine helps, and having an amazing partner does too. My husband is a bit of a workaholic so when the kids go to bed we sit on the couch romantically with our laptops. But it works and we're happy. The business takes up about 60% of my day, which sounds like a lot but I love it! And I don't think i'll change that ratio until I start disliking it, which I doubt will ever happen."

What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you? "When I worked for an agency that had XBOX as a client, I was asked (because of my mad dance skills) to get on stage with MC HAMMER (YES YOU READ RIGHT) to help promote their latest singing/dancing game. Well, it started off okay, I did what I was told, and MC was impressed with my dancing so much he hugged me at the end and I DID NOT LET GO... The security guards had to pry me off him. AWKWARD AF..."

How is your new roller-skating obsession coming along? "Yeah, nah. About a month ago I went out skating by myself, I fell over onto my thigh, cried in the middle of the public walkway and threw them in the back of the car. I'm sure they're still in there growing mould." 

What is next for Confetti Rebels? "BIG!! I'm hoping to grow my Instagram following because that's where all my engagement is at, and of course producing more and more tees and COLLABS! I want to collaborate with more strong amazing businesses and women. Emmy Lou is on my list, Taryn Brumfitt and the cream of the crop BUSY PHILIPPS!! (as if Amy!) But honestly, I'm loving the organic growth my little business has and I would love to host more workshops, women get-to-gethers and meet more amazing gals!"

Well we're super excited to be a part of the next collaboration with you Amy - how about you!? "Over the bloody moon! When I got the email from you guys, firstly I cracked open the champagne, and THEN I wrote back to say HELLA YEAH"

To order one of our amazing new Confetti Rebels x Jumbled tees, click here!

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Jackie Anderson Art

A little while ago, we sat down to establish some pretty crazy goals for 2019. Right up the top of the list was our dream to host the first Jumbled 'Search for a Superstar' art competition, an opportunity for aspiring artists from across the globe to turn their side hustle into a fully fledged career. Being our first foray into this type of event, we hoped for maybe 30 entries, so when over 180 artists applied....we were COMPLETELY blown away! 

One of those artists was Jackie Anderson, and as soon as we read her application we knew we were onto something super special. Her email was warm, funny and so friendly and her work; to die for! We instantly fell in love with Jackie's vibrant use of colour and energetic compositions, and caught up with her to chat ahead of her first release with Jumbled. 

Jackie, CONGRATULATIONS! It was love at first sight for us, tell us how your art journey began. "I had a truly inspiring art teacher at primary school who I absolutely adored and I think she really sparked my love of all things art related. I also won a national art prize when I was just 5 years old and my winning painting (a self portrait) has been buried in a time capsule to be opened in 2085! So I guess you could say that was the beginning of my art career, I've just done a whole lot of other stuff between now and then."

Tell us about your move from NZ: "We moved over last year when my husband was offered a fantastic job in Newcastle, the opportunity to re-locate came at just the right time as we were getting itchy feet and keen to embark on a new adventure. We love exploring new places and I find it really fuels my creativity."

What made you enter the Jumbled Art Competition? "I had been a huge fan of Jumbled for quite some time and the idea of joining your art collective was quite literally a dream come true. Pip's passion and enthusiasm for art and artists is infectious! I could see my work adorning the walls at Jumbled and sitting beautifully alongside your other brands."

We all got quite teary telling you you'd won, how did you feel when you received the phone call from the Jumbled gang? "I completely lost it as soon as I heard Pip's voice! I knew it would be a career changing moment so was quite emotional and struggled to string together a coherent sentence!"

Where do you draw inspo? "I think basically I'm a big sponge constantly absorbing visual snippets and colour combinations to translate into paintings. I do this by taking a ridiculous amount of photos and making small sketches. I then create mood/inspo boards with other visual imagery such as postcards, paint / fabric swatches, magazine clippings all sorts of miscellaneous paraphernalia that I play around with and edit constantly. Currently I'm exploring ideas around travel, journey, pathways so I've got large scale maps pinned up in the studio."

Tell us a bit about family life? "Much like my paintings family life is busy and colourful with never a dull moment, when you share your house with small humans life is pretty crazy and chaotic on the daily. Hence why I don't make calm serene works of art!"

What's been the best thing to happen in your career so far? "Winning the Jumbled Art Competition of course! I'm sure I will look back on this time and see it as a pivotal moment in my career. I am just so excited to have this opportunity to share my work with such a large audience. I feel honoured to have been chosen and know that Jumbled is exactly the right place to launch my art career in Australia."

When are you at your happiest? "When the stars align and I get a few uninterrupted hours in the studio with sweet tunes and strong coffee to keep me energised or a very close second would be a shopping trip to Anthropologie for super cool homewares and a beautiful new dress!"

What is something not many people know about you? "I have a notebook fetish or perhaps it's more of an addiction! I have at least a dozen in current circulation and then a box full of empty ones ready to use. What can I say I'm a sucker for beautiful stationery!"

What exciting things do you have planned for 2019 - what can we look forward to next? "My close girlfriends and I live quite spread out around the world but will be meeting in Hawaii next month to celebrate a special birthday so you should expect a few paintings inspired by this trip. I'm also planning some large scale works which I am super excited about."

The Jumbled Quickie:

  • The first thing you do when you have spare time: I haven't had a haircut in over a year - what spare time!
  • Guilty pleasure: Dunking Monte Carlo biscuits in a cup of tea or Percy Pigs when I can get my hands on them!
  • Dream Collaboration: GORMAN GORMAN GORMAN
  • Hidden Talent: The ability to spot op shop gold within 30 seconds of entering any charity store
  • One thing from your bucket list: A tour through North Africa
  • Favourite Spotify Playlist: Indie Folk plus loads of Lana Del Ray
  • Go-to meal to cook when you have friends over: I leave the cooking to my husband but I do love a well dressed table with vintage china and beautiful linens
  • Craziest thing you've ever done: Moved to another country for love (it worked out quite well in the end).
  • Last book you read: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng - A beautiful story about being an outsider and the powerful bond between mother and child
  • Favourite family tradition: Friday night dance offs in our living room
  • Current Netflix addiction: I don't ever get hold of the remote in our house
  • Song that gets you on the dance floor: My Delirium by Ladyhawke


 Photography: The Serial Narrative

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Fleur Woods: New Collection!

Fleur Woods is one of our all-time favourite artists and we couldn't be more excited about the launch of her newest collection, Bloom Revolution!! Her work sparks all kinds of joy and we're completely captivated by the stitch detail she spends hours sewing into each and every piece. We caught up with Fleur ahead of the launch of her brilliant new collection and chatted about her life-long love affair with flowers, career highlights and why she can't go past 90's RnB.

Fleur, it's so lovely to be chatting with you finally! Tell us about when your love of art started, and how your career has been as an artist? "THANKS!!! I think maybe I was born an artist and it just took me a little while to embrace it. I've always seen the world through sensitive, creative eyes and was lucky to move and travel a lot with my family when I was young. This definitely elevated creativity for me as we were a museums & galleries type family so I got to experience some inspiring art, architecture & design from a young age."

Tell us about rural New Zealand and where you live. "My wee fam and I live in a gorgeous little village, Upper Moutere, near Nelson at the top of the South Island. It's a wine, hop & orchard region just inland from beautiful beaches & surrounded by national parks. It's pretty magic. There are lots of creative people doing really nice stuff here ("

Tell us about your love of flowers and plants "Flora is part of my DNA...I mean my name is Fleur Woods, it's ridiculous! My Mum is an avid gardener and as a result I got to grow up around flowers. We moved to NZ from Hong Kong when I was 8 & I definitely think the contrast of our HK concrete roof top garden and the abundance of nature in NZ must have really stood out to me as an early influence. I am just so in awe of the life cycle of flowers and the amazing resilience they have, the joy a single bloom can bring me is immense, it is the ultimate art to me."

It sounds as though this is a huge source of inspiration for you! "Inspiration for me is everywhere, I grow a few flowers from seed in my own (very average) garden, I love following florists & floral artists on Insta like @flowersvassette @hattiemolloy @woodlucker & sooo many more but my favourite source of floral imagery is old gardening books l find in op shops with gorgeous illustrations."

What is your interior style? What other artists do you love and have hanging in your home? "Our home is eclectic in part because it's a rental, so we have to work with the 70s-90s farm house base. Luckily I'm a treasure hunter so I find vintage and retro bits n bobs to mix in with contemporary furniture that feels fun to me. We have some great pieces that I adore by some of my fav Kiwi & international artists, Clare Celeste Borsch, Veronica Green, Jessica Lindblom-Brice, Sophie Holt. I'm coveting some Elle Campbell & Georgie Wilson works right now as well as Katherine Throne & Elizabeth Barnett."

What's been the best thing to happen in your career so far? "Every time I think the best thing has happened there is a new best thing but I would have to say that my first ever feature in a mag was pretty magic. I was finding it really hard to get picked up and had just had a bucket load of rejections when I got an email from the then Style Editor of Inside Out Mag Jessica Hanson, she asked if I could stitch some designs on a large piece of linen to form the background for their mother's day feature. I had 7 days to create a massive artwork and was totally out of my comfort zone but I just did it and hoped for the best. After that feature I started getting orders...the first was from JUMBLED & I haven't looked back!"

When are you at your happiest? "Stitching in the sunshine in my studio or in nature with my family."

What is something not many people know about you? "I love 90's hip hop and even though I'm basically a 38 year old nana I like to think Im a tiny bit gangster haha!"

What exciting things do you have planned for 2019? We're releasing my new collection right now, its called Bloom Revolution & Im feeling really proud of it, so that's super exciting! I'm also carving out a window of studio time to embark on a collab with Berlin based artist Clare Celeste Borsch! Her collage installation work is sublime. There's also some traveling and teaching workshops which I really love! Lots happening!"

The Jumbled Quickie:

    • The first thing you do when you have spare time: Spend time with the fam / catch up with friends
    • Guilty pleasure: Donuts/lollies and trash telly 
    • Dream Collaboration: Gucci
    • Hidden Talent? Baking cakes!
    • One thing from your bucket list: Visit India
    • Favourite Spotify Playlist?: LP (she's amazing)
    • Go-to meal to cook when you have friends over?: Hubby is the chef when friends come over, I'm chief wine drinker
    • Craziest thing you've ever done? Jack in my well paid corporate job & become a full time artist
    • Last book you read: The Alchemist
    • Favourite family tradition? Christmas Day sitting in a circle taking turns to open pressies
    • Current Netflix addiction? Queer Eye
    • Song that gets you on the dancefloor: Anything by Salt N Peppa or Fat Freddys Drop

To shop Fleur Woods new artworks, click here!

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Natalie Jade

Natalie Jade is one of those amazing artists that just keeps on delivering the goods, week after week! Her stunning intuitive art and colour combinations mean they never last long in store, and we chatted with her recently to find out more about life, art and discovering her heritage.
Natalie, you clever woman! Tell us about your love of art "I have always painted or drawn since I was very young and many of my family painted (or continue to paint) as well! I remember mum painting the gumnut babies on gum leaves that hung in the kitchen! While my year 12 studio arts teacher really tried to push me to study fine arts at uni, I refused because I had seen my sister go through art school and still struggle to make ends met at the end of it. If I could go back now I definitely would have taken her advice because as it turns out, being an artist is all I want to be (apart from being a mum) and is really all I could possible survive being (I value freedom so much and literally can not stand the 9-5 hustle)."
We'd love to hear more about your aboriginal heritage, how does this influence your art? "I found out about my aboriginal heritage in my early 20's and it was kinda part of a missing puzzle on my identity crisis journey. My art naturally has an Aboriginal feel to it - I fell in love with the style years ago at a huge exhibition in Sorrento. I really wanted to paint Aboriginal art but because I was never passed down dream-time stories from my family, I wasn't allowed to paint it. After 5 years I finally connected with some amazing Aboriginal elders in the community and was granted permission. I'm still finding my way but I hope to further discover myself as a Aboriginal artist and find my unique style within that genre in the near future."
You're a mum to two beautiful kids, how do you manage the juggle? "Being a full time mum to an 18month old and 8 year old while trying to run a business as an artist is definitely not easy. My eldest Leo has high needs which is challenging but I find time to paint while he is at school and Ayla is napping. I wish I could be a night painter and stay up after the kids are in bed (which I sometimes do) but most of the time I just cark it and fall asleep!"
What's been the best thing to happen in your career so far? "Being snapped up by Greenhouse Interiors and having you guys love my artwork enough to sell in your store has definitely been a highlight!"
When are you at your happiest? "I'm the happiest in nature at the beach or going on bush walks."
Where do you draw inspiration? "I draw my inspiration from nature but I often also just like to let the colour and paint create itself."
We're so excited to see where this year takes you, what's next for your career? "I will be focusing more on large original artworks this year and just finding myself as a aboriginal artist and my unique style."
Jumbled Quickie
Guilty Pleasure: Black Forest Chocolate
Dream Collab: This is pretty much a dream!
Hidden Talent: I like to think I can sing
One thing from your bucket list: Travel Australia
Spotify Playlist: Xavier Rudd or Jack Johnson
Go to meal when friends come over: Take away, I really hate cooking!
Craziest thing you've done: Hitch hicking as a teenager
Last book you read: Growing up aboriginal in Australia
Netflix addiction: I don't really get time for tv for myself but the kids and I are pretty obsessed with small foot and Moana at the moment.
Song that gets you on the dance floor: Gee that's definitely been a long time! Anything RnB or the Nutbush.
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Introducing: Shitting in Pots

We are super excited to announce local indoor plant fanatics 'Shitting in Pots' will be hosting a pop up shop right here at Jumbled with a ridiculously amazing range of indoor plants, succulents and cacti on Saturday 4th May.

We first met Taylor and Justin after their frequent visits to Jumbled to buy pots. Not just a couple here and there, we're talking so many pots, that we started calling them 'The Crazy Pot People!'. This super-cool duo are obsessed with plants and have turned their passion into a side hustle, so it made sense to invite them to pop up at Jumbled so you guys could get in on the fun.

We caught up with Taylor and Justin recently to find out more about their intriguing business name, how severe their plant addiction really is and what varieties we need in our lives right now!

Shitting in Pots, did we read that right? "Ha! Yes well we're paying homage to our two cats that love to dig the dirt out of our pot plants and shit in them. We feel we may need to change it for more professional purposes at some stage but hey, go ahead and introduce us as that."

On the scale of 1 - 10 how severe is your plant addiction? "I'd say a 10! There's not a week that goes by where we don't buy a new plant or something plant related. Either we get them through the post or we day trip it to different towns just to get plants. I'd say we have about 250 plants throughout the house, and that's not including outside where we keep most of the cactus."

When did you decide to turn your passion into a side hustle? "Mainly to feed our addiction! There are no great indoor plant shops around here which means traveling to other towns or hopefully scoring a good plant at Bunnings - but rarely does that happen. It's been on our minds to do something plant-related for about a year but we didn't know where to start. My sister is the one that really pushed us and made it happen."

So where can we get our hands on some of your plant goodness? "At the moment we are focusing on markets and via our eBay store. We're also hosting an amazing pop up shop at Jumbled where we'll be selling a huge range of awesome plants on 4th May. We love the shop and the space and will be bringing all sorts of goodies from the basic devils ivy and monstera that everyone loves, to the rarer and more hard to find plants."

What are your top five plant varieties? "I love Philodendrons - all of them!!! Sansevieria masoniana, rhaphidophora tetrasperma, the ceropegia family and just cactus in general! Justin's favourites include the monkey tail cactus, peyote, agave parryi, euphorbias and monstera adansonii!"

We love a hanging plant here at Jumbled - what is you favourite hanging variety? "Oh, it's SO hard to choose a favourite but the rats tail cactus and the rhipsalis family are amazing!"

You're also quite partial to a pot, as we've discovered! "I love white pots. The Oslo planters from Jumbled are a favourite, we've bought so many, we've well and truly earned our nickname! Cactus look great in terracotta pots which are awesome as they don't hold moisture. I also love a nice hand made ceramic pot but they are so hard to find! We'd love to try ceramics classes and have a crack at making our own sometime soon"

What's your go-to plant to gift to a friend? "I can't go past a pilea or a cactus cutting to gift to family and friends"

What are your top tips for keeping plants healthy (and alive)? "Literally just don't overthink it. I never stick to a watering schedule or anything like that. I sort of (sounds weird) sense if the plant is either thirsty, sick or not getting enough or too much light. Have a close look at the leaves to check for pests and dig at the top layer of soil - if it's dry, give it a drink! I also move plants around the house until I find the right spot. You can even group them in the shower to water them that way, plus it washes the dust off the leaves so they can absorb more sunlight.

Coming into winter - should our watering habits change? "Yes! Most plants go dormant during winter which means they basically stop growing and save all their energy until the spring time. I water my plants probably every 2 weeks maybe longer for some during winter, but you also have to keep in mind heating in your home which can dry them out. Cactus and succulents are easy, you don't have to water those guys at all really. Maybe once if that.

I use Seasol fertiliser every few months which helps with growth and is also good at keeping pests away. A lot of people don't realise when getting plants, that pests are basically a package deal!"

The Jumbled Quickie:

First thing you do when you have spare time? At the moment we literally have no spare time. But snuggling with the cats on the lounge and watching a movie is what we'd love to do.

Dream collaboration? Doing a pop up shop at Jumbled is pretty amazing!

One thing from your bucket list: Taylor - bringing my retro plant filled dreams to life and buying my own home one day. Justin - start making my own pots, either using cement or taking ceramics classes.

Craziest thing you've ever done? We once spent $700 on one plant (variegated monstera deliciosa)

Favourite family tradition? Chrissy is always a good one. Food, pressies and a fun time.

Song that gets you on the dance floor:  Taylor -Michael Jackson's Rock With You really gets me grooving. Justin - Usher, Yeah.

Yay! Great chatting, and we can't wait to see you at Jumbled on the 4th May! "We are so excited our little dream is happening and heaps thankful to Jumbled for making this wonderful plant pop up shop happen"

You can see more from this super-cool duo on Instagram - @shittinginpots, or via their eBay store here.


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