Tjulpu Kulunypa Embroidered Cushion

Kip & Co


The Tjulpu Kulunypa Embroidered Cushion is a rectangular cushion made from 100% French flax upholstery weight linen

This cushion features an embroidered pattern on the front side in tones of pink, burnt orange and golden brown and has plain golden brown piping and reverse with zip closure

'Tjulpu Kulunypa - Baby Birds' by Carlene Thompson is an artwork about birds and their chicks

Carlene often paints birds, as tjulpu tjukurpa (bird dreaming) is related to her family's country which is near Kanypi in the Western APY Lands

Tjulpu Kulunypa - Baby Birds © Carlene Thompson, Licensed by Copyright Agency

100% French flax upholstery linen with front cotton embroidery

50 x 30 cm

Reverse in plain mustard brown with pink back zip closure

Insert included & made from 100% PET recycled fibres

Ethically made in India

We are incredibly proud of our Kip&Co x Ernabella Arts collaboration. Established in 1948, Ernabella Arts is Australia‚   oldest continuously running Indigenous Art Centre and one of the most artistically diverse in the country. Ernabella Arts and Kip&Co divide all profits from the collaboration equally, so 50% of profits will return to Ernabella Arts.  Kalaya Tjukurpa - Emu Dreaming ¬© Malpiya Davey, Licensed by Copyright Agency.  Malpiya has been creating paintings, ceramics and prints at Ernabella Arts for over twenty years. Her artwork 'Kalaya Tjukurpa ‚ 'Emu Dreaming' is Malpiya‚   mother‚   country near Kanypi on the APY Lands. The kalaya (emu) is the creation being that formed this land. Malpiya‚   design is a depiction of the kalaya walking around looking for mai (food) and water in the rock holes.


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