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This Old Van
This Old Van
This Old Van
This Old Van

Carlene + Michael Duffy

This Old Van


A stunning coffee table book for DIYers, interior design lovers, as well as vanlife and tiny homes enthusiasts, This Old Van is the complete how-to guide to plan, renovate and style your own vintage van to give it a second life

Much-loved couple from The Block , Carlene and Michael Duffy, have received countless emails from keen renovators around the world asking for advice on refitting a vintage van or RV

They have compiled their tips, tricks, and the wisdom they have learned on their own projects and distilled it into one helpful and beautiful book

Learn what to look for when purchasing a second-hand van, follow detailed information on planning and construction, and discover plenty of design and styling tips, alongside beautiful photos of Carlene and Michael's many van conversions to help provide further inspiration

For many, a van or RV is much more than just a holiday home – it's a vehicle for freedom and adventure, or might even be your permanent home

Carlene and Michael address every consideration from budgeting and spatial planning to colour palettes, so you can create your dream home on wheels