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The Shared Kitchen
The Shared Kitchen
The Shared Kitchen

Clare Scrine

The Shared Kitchen


We spend so much of our lives in our kitchens: cooking, cleaning, eating

These tasks can be a source of immense joy and satisfaction, especially when shared with others

The Shared Kitchen features more than 80 flavourful and creative vegetarian and vegan recipes, photographed across share houses in Meanjin (Brisbane, Australia

In these spaces, housemates navigate sharing kitchens, food and life together

The food is unfussy and flexible, inspired by the simple joy of cooking something delicious with what you already have - whether it was grown in your garden, bought in bulk at the market or discovered at the bottom of the crisper drawer

Each of the 16 chapters features a common fruit or vegetable - from apple to zucchini - and showcases new ways to put these staples in the spotlight, and save them ending up in the compost when you have too much to know what to do with