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The Sand That's Not Sand At Whitehaven Beach
The Sand That's Not Sand At Whitehaven Beach
The Sand That's Not Sand At Whitehaven Beach

Amanda Hinkelmann

The Sand That's Not Sand At Whitehaven Beach


This artwork is a part of Amanda Hinkelmann's exhibition 'A Diary, a Long Drive and a Devon Sandwich'

Original artwork by Amanda Hinkelmann

Part of our exploration along the North Queensland coast was our visit to Airlie Beach in which we spent a day on a boat and snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef. We visited Whitehaven Beach- a place that Ben had been to in the past and assured us we needed to see. We were amazed at just how beautiful it was! We wound out way through a gorgeous rainforest, creeping along the tracks, captured by the beauty around us. On my left, as I ducked under some vine, I noticed my totem, the goanna, as she perched her head high above the forest floor. As we approached the beach, the sand changed to the crispest white I had ever seen in my life. Blinded by the sand we walked out towards the clear blue waters and was surrounded by schools and schools of fish. There was a baby lemon shark greeting us, and dozens of rays resting on the bottom of the water as the waves lapped around the kids. White Haven beach was one of the most beautiful places on Earth I had ever visited, and I could have stayed for days. It was truly a paradise for the children as they spent their time wading through the waters, exploring the animals, mesmerised by the nature that was right in front of them.

Acrylic on canvas

Framed in Tasmanian Oak

92cm x 123cm

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