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The Matriarch
The Matriarch
The Matriarch
The Matriarch
The Matriarch
The Matriarch

Amanda Hinkelmann

The Matriarch


This artwork is part of Amanda Hinkelmann's 'The Matriach' exhibition

Original artwork by Amanda Hinkelmann

Amanda is a proud Wiradjuri woman from Wagga Wagga

The Matriarch is the central piece of ‘The Matriarch’ exhibition and embodies parts of each artwork represented within.

Working from the bottom up – are the cracks in the dry earth from when the water runs out, and the Murrumbidgee River above replenishing and rejuvenating the spaces.

On the right of the artwork are symbols representing the women – clusters of Coolamon, clusters of women, of rain, and of trees. There are women standing side by side united, all sheltered by the stars above – our ancestors watching over and guiding us. On the left are birthing caves and hills which represent my connection to Wiradjuri country.

Seeds and animal prints represent the continuation of life, and standing centrally within the artwork - a powerful, independent, and strong woman nurturing within her womb- new life.

Mixed media 

Pastel and acrylic on canvas

Framed in Tasmanian Oak

124cm x 156cm

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* Please also note that this artwork is an exhibition piece and will be available for collection or delivery at the end of October 2021