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Skirt - Lavender Fog / Super Pink
Skirt - Lavender Fog / Super Pink

Summery Copenhagen

Skirt - Lavender Fog / Super Pink


Enjoy your day! 

100% Cotton


SUMMERY Copenhagen started with an all too familiar feeling, a night out and nothing to wear. From two scarves in the characteristic handloom pattern, creative director Cecilie Jørgensen created a blouse and a pair of shorts. They have become our signature pieces. 

Today, we honour the characteristic handloom pattern and incorporate it into a variety of styles in our collections. 

Each garment is carefully handmade and therefore unique. Any irregularity in the fabric is part of the beauty and characteristic of the handloom pattern. 

Please treat your Handloom Pattern Signature piece carefully as the fine threads running across the surface of the fabric, may be torn by sharp objects such as jewellery.