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Silver Oyster Incense Holder
Silver Oyster Incense Holder
Silver Oyster Incense Holder

Corey Ashford

Silver Oyster Incense Holder


The Silver Oyster Incense Holder has been cast from a Sydney rock oyster shell and then plated in precious silver, leaving a sparkling finish reminiscent of sunlight dancing across the ocean's waves

Freshly shucked to enhance your incense ritual, the Oyster will hold your scented incense stick, while catching any residue that may fall into its shimmering shell

Enclosed in a bespoke pouch and ready for gifting, the Silver Oyster makes a functional incense holder, a precious jewellery dish or a unique sculptural treasure

Material: Silver plated brass
Dimensions: 8.5cm L x 6.5cm W x 3cm H approx. 3mm opening.
Weight: 140g

Your Silver Oyster comes delicately wrapped in a fabric pouch, perfect for gift giving

Being handmade, variations in finish only add beauty to each piece and show their dissimilarity to the mass produced. Markings have intentionally been left on the piece to mimic the natural formation of an oyster shell

Our Silver Oyster has been designed to be used alongside our range of Luxury Japanese Incense. You may have a different experience than described if choosing to use other styles of incense sticks