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Roos On The Road At Sunrise
Roos On The Road At Sunrise
Roos On The Road At Sunrise
Roos On The Road At Sunrise

Amanda Hinkelmann

Roos On The Road At Sunrise


This artwork is a part of Amanda Hinkelmann's exhibition 'A Diary, a Long Drive and a Devon Sandwich'

Original artwork by Amanda Hinkelmann

We left Mount Isa at around 3.30am as we had our biggest drive for the entire trip ahead. We were planning huge kilometres for the day and as I focus well in the early morning hours, off we trotted. We left Mount Isa and followed a road train out for a good while. Ben dozed off next to me and the kids soon fell back asleep. A warm coffee sat by my side. As we headed around a bend in the dark of night, we were met with a camel. Because of course, we should expect that a camel takes a casual stroll across the highway at that time of day. I flicked on the dash cam to catch the moment as I put my brakes on and she moseyed on towards the dark. The next few hours were fairly uneventful as we drove directly East, towards the Queensland coast. As the sun rose in front of us, we caught the most beautiful photos of the flat lands and the deep red sky that presented itself in front of us. Out of the blue, Ben said with a sudden surge of urgency, ‘Be careful, there’s roos’. ‘Lovely’ I thought as I whizzed along, van in tow. ‘Roos, Amanda there’s roos!’ With that urgency in overdrive. Again, on the brakes, I was met with an entire mob of them. Scattering in all directions. And there were babies. Oh, not the babies! They all bounced out of sight as the red sun blinded me.
As Ben is colour blind, he could see them as clear as day standing on the road ahead. When I asked him about it, after the shock mellowed, his answer, as plain as day, ‘Night vision, I kinda have night vision’.

Acrylic on canvas

Framed in Tasmanian Oak

43cm x 63cm

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