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Room Spray - Blue Amber + Cedarwood

Celia Loves

Room Spray - Blue Amber + Cedarwood


These super luxe Room Sprays are the latest collection by Celia Loves

Smells like that hot guy you’ve been crushing on at the local cafe. Fresh, masculine, spicy scents to fill your afternoon and make you feel energised to tackle that DIY project you’ve wanted to do

Top notes bergamot, lemon and eucalyptus

Heart notes Amber, geranium, lavender, pine

Base notes Cedarwood, nutmeg, black pepper, patchouli and musk

Our Blue Amber + Cedarwood room spray is beautifully masculine and balanced

Celia Loves triple scented room sprays have been carefully curated to instantly elevate your everyday moments and *seriously* scent your space

Featuring chic vessels and new iconic packaging, they’re a luxe addition to any home (and an epic gift that will get you LOTS of brownie points)

We’ve incorporated a balance of both polished and playful scent portfolios, so there’s one for every nose - Now get spritzing, bestie!

Fragrance fresh, spicy + grounding