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Pearls - Wisdom Of Women Who Are Quietly Changing The World

Angela Schaffer

Pearls - Wisdom Of Women Who Are Quietly Changing The World


This volume is a heartfelt book containing 41 interviews with trailblazing Australian women

It shares their tales – filled with musings on purpose, connection and creativity - alongside a collection of stunning photography

The interviews remind us that there are many ways to live a life – and that by talking to one another we can discover how much we share

Some of those featured within Pearls’ pages include: Elizabeth Burton, Annabelle Hickson, Kirsten Banks, Sally Jackson, Rebecca Ritchie, Lisa Goldberg, Colleen Southwell, Rebecca Huntley, Nardi Simpson, Christie Dawes, Louise Pleming, Candice Fox, Jodi Rodgers, Cath Keenan, Pip Brett, Madi Young, Whitney Spicer, Aunty Kath Withers, Kathryn Greiner, Rosemary Kariuki, Nicola Scaife & Michelle Leonard

Pearls is written by travel writer and photographer Angela Schaffer, in partnership with her daughter Liz, the editor of Lodestars Anthology magazine

For them, travelling and working together as a mother-daughter-duo was a privilege and an adventure

As Angela writes, “How often do mother and daughter have the chance to sit together and hear women speak so honestly, and learn not only from each other, but also those around them?”